Book review: The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth

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Sally Hepworth’s books seem to be getting better and better… or more likely, they were always good and perhaps my taste is changing or evolving.

I usually prefer mysteries or thrillers and The Mother-in-Law isn’t quite that. I mean, it is about a death – a potential murder and the lead-up to it… so there’s an element of suspense, but it’s so much more. In many ways it’s a complex study of relationships: those between husband and wife or lovers; between parents and children; between siblings; between colleagues and friends; and (of course) those with our in-laws. 


Book review: The Family Next Door by Sally Hepworth

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2017’s The Mother’s Promise was my first Sally Hepworth novel. I suspect I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy her books – thinking they were too entrenched in motherhood and meaning (as a non-mother) I wouldn’t relate to them. Or – worse still – they’d remind me of opportunities lost and things I DID NOT HAVE.

I was surprised then, to enjoy the book as much as I did and happily launched into Hepworth’s latest – which includes a smidge of suspense – The Family Next Door.


Book review: The Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth

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I’ve not read anything by Sally Hepworth before though have heard of her very popular The Secrets of Midwives and last year’s The Things We Keep. I wasn’t sure The Mother’s Promise would be for me given my increasingly cynical nature (which I put down to ageing, rather than becoming bitter, twisted and malcontent in general), but was surprised that it wasn’t overly sentimental or saccharin-y.