Book review: The Assistant by SK Tremayne

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I read and enjoyed The Ice Twins by SK Tremayne in 2015. I know the English author and journalist (Sean Thomas) has released a couple of books since but haven’t heard a lot about them here in Australia, though I know The Fire Child in particular, was well-received by overseas authors and bloggers I follow.

Tremayne’s latest release is very timely in the age of Siri and Alexa, Google Home and automation in general. It takes things a little further however (well, I’ve not heard of some of the technology so it ‘may’ exist!) and things turn ugly. Of course the big question is whether it’s artificial intelligence (AI) and ‘the machines’ taking over or if humans are still the main source of evil.

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Book review: The Ice Twins by SK Tremayne

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 Permalink

Sarah and Angus Moorcroft have the perfect life. And the perfect family. They’re the envy of everyone they meet. They’ve got great jobs and gorgeous blonde blue-eyed identical twins, 6 yr olds, Lydia and Kirstie – not to mention a loveable matching dog. And then tragedy strikes and Lydia dies in an unfortunate accident.

We meet the family about fourteen months later and things aren’t going well. We eventually learn that Sarah all-but-shut-down after Lydia’s death; Angus started drinking heavily, punched his boss and lost his job; and Kirstie is a shell of her former self.

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