Book review: Rabbit Hole by Mark Billingham

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I tend not to buy books if I don’t get them for review because I just have too many books in my TBR pile. I’m also usually either bitterly disappointed if I’ve missed something I’ve requested; or petulant to the point I decide I’m never going to review another book again. #realmature

The blurb for Rabbit Hole by Mark Billingham leapt out at me when I saw it advertised but I was very worried I’d missed it until I had it in my fat little (well, medium-sized) hands. It certainly seemed to be offering something quite new and as soon as I started reading I fell in love with the way Billingham has written this book – from the point-of-view of Alice – who’s resplendent with quirks and a smidge of ‘crazy’.*


Book review: Cry Baby by Mark Billingham

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I’m a fan of Mark Billingham and Detective Tom Thorne. I read the sixteenth in the series (Their Little Secret) last year and assumed this would pick up where it left off. In fact, I didn’t read the backcover blurb at all before I started the book and found it a little strange that the series was set in the past and I didn’t remember that being the case.

I knew I disliked his partner or girlfriend and was relieved she seemed to be moving on; and here Tom’s separated from his wife. So it made sense but it didn’t. And, as it happens, there’s nothing in the book until the very end that references that this is a flashback of sorts*. It meant that I read the book amidst some puzzlement worrying that my memory was even worse than it is and that I’d just not remembered the books were set in the 1990s.


Book review: Their Little Secret by Mark Billingham

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I think this is officially Tom Thorne number 16 but I only joined the Detective Inspector’s exploits four books ago and since then author Mark Billingham has introduced DI Nicola Tanner into the mix and though this mostly unfolds from Tom’s point of view, both feature strongly.

I commented in my last review that I was happy that Tom’s relationship was in trouble as I wasn’t a fan of his partner (and fellow cop) Helen and here they’ve recently separated.


Book review: Love Like Blood by Mark Billingham

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Last year I read Mark Billingham’s standalone novel, Die of Shame and very much enjoyed it. I commented in that review that I’d previously read Time of Death, the 13th in a series by Billingham about DI Tom Thorne, though it wasn’t until I read this book that I discovered Thorne appeared (perhaps briefly as I didn’t mention him in my review) in Die of Shame.

We’re back in Thorne’s world either way this time around, but we’re reunited with our lead DI from the standalone, the dogged Nicola Tanner.


Book review: Time of Death by Mark Billingham

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Goodreads calls this book Tom Thorne #13, which my finely-tuned skills of deduction lead me to believe is the 13th in this series. Which subsequently stops me in my tracks to wonder if I live under a bloody rock?! I ‘think’ I’ve heard of Billingham, indeed I readily requested this book for review; but how I have wandered this earth, reading endless police procedurals, crime fiction, suspense novels and thrillers without reading a previous book featuring Detective Inspector Tom Thorne?!