Book review: Hi Five by Joe Ide

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I adored the first book in this series featuring Isaiah Quintabe (IQ) by Joe Ide, named after its lead character.  I was a little disappointed by the second, Righteous but enjoyed the third, Wrecked, Which brings us to Ide’s latest release and the fourth instalment, Hi Five.

Interestingly I think what I struggled with in the second novel was the increased involvement of IQ’s childhood friend (and kinda loveable rogue) Juanell Dodson. Dodson plays a larger role in this book again but I’m finding myself becoming accustomed to the fact he jousts well with IQ, even if it means the latter no longer seems to be quite the scary-smart and savvy character I initially fell in love with.


Book review: Wrecked by Joe Ide

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I adored the character of Isaiah Quintabe introduced by Joe Ide in 2016. The first book, IQ (named after Isaiah’s moniker) gave us a scary-smart street-wise crime solver / PI. (And I should mention I wasn’t alone in my love for IQ… and Ide’s subsequent books include quotes by the likes of Michael Connelly, Gregg Hurwitz etc commenting on the arrival of a great new fictional character.)

Indeed, in my review of IQ I comment on the fact Isaiah reminded me of the sassy smart-mouthed gumshoes (PIs) I once so loved.


Book review: Righteous by Joe Ide

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IQ by Joe Ide was a big (and very pleasant) surprise for me last year. Named after its protagonist – the very smart and sassy Isaiah Quintabe – I was hooked.

I hadn’t realised the second in the series had been released until I got an email from the publisher but I downloaded it immediately keen to be reunited with the genius PI-of-sorts, determined to get justice for his brother killed years earlier while helping the helpless in his LA neighbourhood.


Book review: IQ by Joe Ide

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As I first started to read this book by Joe Ide it occurred to me that I don’t seem to read a lot of books with African American lead characters – particularly in my beloved crime fiction / thriller / suspense genre. And then I remembered James Patterson’s Alex Cross and Jeffery Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme. So… there are some. But not many. In my world anyway… where I mostly stick to the bigger publishers and mainstream fiction.

Isaiah Quintabe is something different though, and I was reminded of the work of Raymond Chandler and my love for Robert B Parker’s Spenser series. Needless to say I adored the sassy and smart Isaiah – better known to those who need him as IQ.