Book review: The Survivors by Jane Harper

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I’ve actually just written an assignment for my Masters about Australian crime fiction and mentioned Jane Harper’s debut novel, The Dry and the rise and rise of rural or outback noir. Released in 2016 The Dry won much acclaim and a lotta love. It’s since been adapted for television and will hit our screens in 2021. And though I’m looking forward to it, I much preferred Harper’s 2019 standalone novel, The Lost Man.

Although her fourth book, The Survivors, has a different feel to Harper’s previous books, it occurred to me there’s a strong theme underpinning all of her novels (including the two Aaron Falk ‘detective-based’ books). It’s one of families, of childhood and long-past legacies, and the impact they continue to have many years later.


Book review: The Lost Man by Jane Harper

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I enjoyed The Dry and Force of Nature, and felt both were complex / multilayered mysteries (more robust than most) and think Harper does an amazing job of placing readers in the harsh Aussie outback, but I’ve not been as frantic a fan as many.

Although there’s a vague reference to her former novels (via the locale of The Dry) The Lost Man by Jane Harper is seemingly a standalone. It’s a mystery, but not in the traditional sense and it’s actually my favourite book of hers so far.


Book review: Force of Nature by Jane Harper

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It was good to see Aaron Falk back in this second novel by (award winning) Australian author Jane Harper. For some reason he seemed like an unlikely hero in The Dry but he remains likeable here – perhaps more so with less personal baggage impacting on his role in the investigation (and novel).

I liked the addition of his colleague / work partner Carmen and think the book (perhaps series) is stronger for having her to act as Aaron’s foil.


Book review: The Dry by Jane Harper

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The Dry by Jane Harper was reportedly the subject of a bidding war when the manuscript went to auction. On top of that Reese Witherspoon has apparently secured the film rights and she’s got a pretty good record of spotting a popular book-to-screen option.