Book review: The Last Woman in the World by Inga Simpson

Saturday, October 30, 2021 Permalink

The Last Woman in the World is the third book I’ve read by Inga Simpson. I saw her speak at a bookshop locally around the time of her 2014 release Nest. I commented in that review about how inspiring I found her in person (and appreciated her blunt honesty about the challenges of becoming a published author), how much I loved her writing and her ability to instil in readers a sense of place.

I confess in my review of Where the Trees Were (2016) that I’m actually not a lover of nature. Of flora and fauna. And I’ve admitted on many occasions that I’m not a visual reader so not able to picture what I’m reading.

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Nest by Inga Simpson

Saturday, November 29, 2014 Permalink

The night before heading to my local Mary Ryan’s Bookstore to hear from Aussie author Inga Simpson I was reading through some recent Queensland Writers’ Centre (QWC) magazines which – coincidentally – advertised a ‘cultivating place’ workshop Inga teaches for the centre.

I’d also read a number of reviews of Inga’s work and this post (on details and description) she wrote for QWC. 

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