Book review: Fool’s Gold by Fleur McDonald

Monday, March 19, 2018 Permalink

We take a step back in time – well a couple – in this latest novel by Australian author Fleur McDonald. We’ve met Detective Dave Burrows in her rural romantic suspense series (see my reviews of Suddenly One Summer and Sapphire Falls) and here we’re taken back to where it all began and he’s a newly appointed Detective and has moved with new wife, Melinda to rural WA, resplendent with dry heat, flies galore and brilliantly red soil.

The book also opens with a snippet from 1945 and a suicide that sets off a series of events for decades to come.


Book review: Suddenly One Summer by Fleur McDonald

Monday, October 23, 2017 Permalink

Fleur McDonald has written nine books, very much centred around life in rural Australia and – as a farmer herself – it’s a world she knows well and one she captures brilliantly in her writing.

I’ve now read three of her romantic suspense novels, two featuring Detective Dave Burrows. It’s not at all necessary to have read others in the series as no backstory / additional context is needed.


Book review: Sapphire Falls by Fleur McDonald

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Dare I admit that I think this is my first Fleur McDonald book? (And on that note can we have a round of applause for my recent spate of courageĀ – in terms of reading outside my genre. Or at least thinking I’m about to.)

I’ve mentioned many times that I avoid romance novels… particularly rural romance the like and I suspect the cover of other books by McDonald might have led me to believe I was aboutĀ to swagger bow-legged down that path. But perhaps I never read the blurbs, as her latest most certainly sounds like my reading bread and butter.