Book review: Breaking Point by Allison Brennan

Tuesday, January 2, 2018 Permalink

I’ve read a few books by Allison Brennan, including a couple in the series featuring Lucy Kincaid. I was a little worried coming in part way through after not having read the last few… however, that was actually not my biggest stumbling block when I first started this book.

It was more the ‘other’ players and their backstories. I really did feel like I’d inadvertently walked into someone else’s party and didn’t know anyone and kept missing the ‘in’ jokes. Names were being thrown around and I had NFI who anyone was. And I almost, almost…. ditched the book. But I’m very glad I didn’t. Because, I may not have completely worked out who was who and what they all did, but I certainly became riveted by this story about two engaging and strong women: Lucy Kincaid and Bella Caruso.

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