Book review: After I’m Gone

26 March 2014 Books

Felix Brewer is a shady businessman who’s in trouble with the law. He’s had his share of lovers and a long-term mistress, but loves his wife Bambi and three daughters dearly. When the police start to close in, Felix realises he can’t go to jail and asks his girlfriend Julie to help him slip out […]

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Why I overeat

25 March 2014 Diet Schmiet

A couple of weeks ago I came across a blog post I couldn’t read. Of course there are those times the post is completely irrelevant, but this was a case of… “I need to be in the right headspace to read this!”  The post in the Green Mountain at Fox Run blog, A Weight Lifted, […]

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De-crapping your life

24 March 2014 Life in general

I feel like I’m jumping on others’ bandwagons with this post… although I’m far from the best person to counsel anyone on their life, or even aspects of it. I often read articles recommending bloggers provide their readers with useful advice, so I pause to think of what important information or life lessons I have […]

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My first tweets

22 March 2014 Life in general

Apparently Twitter turned eight last week, which only served to remind me how much time I’ve frittered away on Twitter since joining (back in June 2009. Apparently). Until my seachange Twitter was my fave of social networks though I was a self-confessed binge-tweeter really only using it during my commute to and from work each day. […]

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Book review: The Telling Error

21 March 2014 Books

Sophie Hannah’s latest release is unbelievably timely. Over recent months here in Australia I’ve been listening to shock jocks and reading columnists ranting about all sorts of things they can’t possibly believe. And – in an increasingly online and interactive world – thought bubbles in the form of tweets and online comments become powerful and […]

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Bionade organic soft drink competition winner!

20 March 2014 Diet Schmiet

Thanks to all who entered my Bionade organic soft drink competition, however after much deliberation…. (ie drawn via random integer generator), the winner is…. Which means nothing to you without knowing my intricate numbering system. So, the lucky recipient of a case of 24 bottles of delicious organic soft drink is Linda James! Congrats to […]

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Book review: Before I Go to Sleep

20 March 2014 Books

I’ve been reading so many advance copies (previews) of books lately I haven’t had to head to my local library. Before last August / September however, I had to keep feeding my reading habit so I’d find myself spending A LONG TIME going back and forth along rows and peering into shelves to find something […]

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Like walking in the park

19 March 2014 Life in general

For reasons completely incomprehensible to mankind, I had a bizarre trip down memory lane on the weekend. It started out innocently; I was unable to sleep and having spent some time during the day looking through my upcoming school reunion Facebook page, I pondered on the things that obsessed me 30 years ago. Back in […]

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Meditation and relaxation – not competitive sports

18 March 2014 Life in general

I was attempting sleep last night (aka playing on my iPad and checking out Twitter and blogs posts) when I came across someone bemoaning the fact that ‘spirituality’ had become competitive. I’d read something recently about meditation and relaxation techniques so knew exactly what the person was talking about. I believe finding what’s right or […]

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Becoming house-proud. Again.

17 March 2014 Life in general

A friend and I drove past my old apartment last weekend. It’s been about 18mths since I left Brisbane and I’ve only had a couple of trips back there, none of which took me anywhere near my old stomping ground. I had wondered though… what the new owners had done with my old place. A […]

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Book reviews: Thursday’s Children & One Step Too Far

14 March 2014 Books

A double whammy today, with two new releases from Penguin Australia both available from 26 March 2014. Nicci French – Thursday’s Children Bizarrely I’ve read every Nicci French book except (their) last two. Indeed I hadn’t even realised I’d missed them until I started on their latest, Thursday’s Children. Obviously I was familiar with psychotherapist […]

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Bionade organic soft drink – review & giveaway

12 March 2014 Diet Schmiet

My addiction to diet coke (or more specifically VANILLA diet coke) is well documented. I’ve given up any number of times but – for various reasons – keep returning to the magic elixir stuff. As it happens my drinking repertoire is quite limited. Other than the VDC, I (only) drink water, red wine and champagne. […]

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Models with curves: Women

11 March 2014 Diet Schmiet

Many MANY years ago (sometime in the early-mid 1990s) I attended a fundraising event for a local hockey team which included a fashion parade. As this all took place in my small childhood hometown, the fashion parade featured actual team members. Not models. Not even wannabe models. Just normal women. Hockey players. I still remember […]

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