Author interview: Ellie O’Neill

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I’m very pleased today to be sharing an interview with author Ellie O’Neill. Ellie’s debut novel, Reluctantly Charmed, was released earlier this month.

Reluctantly Charmed  brings together the lithesome world of Irish folklore and long-forgotten fairies and the cynical and obsessive nature of a world addicted to online technology. There’s some romance thrown in for good measure and (importantly) a bit of a moral to the story so – in a sense – it’s like a modern day fairytale. (Oh and I almost forgot… there’s chocolate. And The Hoff!!!)

It’s Monday. What am I reading?

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Time again to share the books I enjoyed (or not) last week and those I intend to read this week.

I had a couple of nights ‘off’ reading – both forced (as I was too far behind in my reviewing). I realised I had 6 books read but not yet reviewed. I worry a little about my memory when that happens. They were all very recent reads (in last week or two), but still… 

Book review: Amnesia

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In the blogging / online / social media world there’s something called clickbait. It’s (apparently) a bad thing and usually involves (a perception of) deception. You tweet / Facebook something with a link that catches the eye of readers, but when they open the link it’s got little to do with what they were expecting. Titling blog posts offers the same dilemma*. It’s a fine line: how to offer a title that’s clever and enticing; but (at the same time) relevant.

ABB link-up: novel trends

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** The second of the Aussie Book Bloggers’ LinkUps **

I missed the book Gone Girl  when it first came out. Naturally I heard about it, but for some reason I only got around to reading it this year – two years after its release.

Given its popularity, publicists around the world seem to have taken to promoting other novels – almost anything involving a big reveal, unexpected twists or *ahem* challenging relationships – as Gone Girl  replicants.

Three times a bridesmaid…

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Over recent months – with my school reunion looming – a LOT of old photographs have been shared. Fortunately I don’t mind a laugh so I haven’t been too worried. (Scary hairstyles aside!)

The timing also coincided with my brother and sister-in-law’s 25th wedding anniversary which means I’ve been reminded of ALL of my outings as a bridesmaid – firstly for my brother and sister-in-law and twice for school friends.

I should mention all of my bridesmaiding* took place back in the 1990s, which explains the dresses and perms!

Book review: Hello From The Gillespies

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Every man and their dog has already reviewed Hello From The Gillespies, so I feel a bit redundant adding my two cents worth weeks after the book’s been published.

However, it’s the first Monica McInerney novel I’ve read and other reviews tempted me to request the book via NetGalley so I figured this might help someone else decide whether they want to read it.

It’s not the sort of book I usually read and I quipped in a recent post that it’s a nice change from novels about psychopaths and serial killers. ☺

It’s Monday. What am I reading?

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I’m sure there’s some glitch in the time-space continuum which allow weeks to fly by, while nights (when I lie awake unable to sleep) drag by interminably.

I had a little bit on last week (and am having ongoing internet issues) but still got through four books. There was dinner with an old work colleague and overnight visit from my mum. And then one of my besties came to stay. And although I love reading (more than most stuff) visits from old friends obviously take precedence!

Not at all ordinary

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If anyone ever asks me my favourite movie my response is simple. It’s been a favourite for many many many years. In reality I probably need to rethink the answer, but my old fave is amazing enough – in my belief – to have stood up to the test of time.

Ordinary People  was released in 1980 and directed by Robert Redford. It stars Mary Tyler Moore, Donald Sutherland, Timothy Hutton and Judd Hirsch.