Book review: The Doll Maker by Richard Montanari


I guess when you select a book with a cover featuring a dismembered doll, you should be prepared for the worst. I have to admit however, that even I almost gagged in the prologue of Richard Montanari’s latest thriller, The Doll Maker. I won’t share the serial killer’s modus operandi cos well…. once that shit’s in your head you can’t get it out.

Prologue aside, the book then opens like something out of an episode of (TV show) Criminal Minds.

Weekly check-in


It’s been a fruitful week, book blogging-wise for me. I also got a fair bit of reading done. No evening commitments meant my nights were pretty much clear to tear through a few books AND I’ve almost caught up on my reviewing.

Book review: Memory Man by David Baldacci


So.. The only thing you really need to know about this book is that I LOVE AMOS DECKER!

What a fabulous new lead character David Baldacci has given us. I’ve read most of Baldacci’s previous books and series and—without a doubt—Decker is my fave protagonist. And I say this after only spending one night with him. So let’s just say…. I’m hoping for many more. *Inappropriate sexual entendre intended* 😉

Book review: Only We Know by Victoria Purman


It’s been a long time since read a romance novel. On purpose, that is. There have been a few romantic suspense novels which have erred too much on the former than the latter, but—if I can help it—I tend to shy away from straight romance*.

However I picked up Only We Know by Victoria Purman, knowing full well what I was getting into… and I don’t regret it one bit.