School photos – the same but different

7 July 2014 Life in general

I’m not sure what was in the water, but yesterday my Facebook feed included old school photographs shared by three (separate / unrelated) friends. I appeared in only one of these batches of photographs but seeing the others reminded me of something I always find quite strange… I can look at any school photograph from […]

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My father’s arms

4 July 2014 Life in general

Last weekend I attended the funeral of a friend’s father. My brother has been best friends with *N* since their high school days over 33 years ago. (Actually my own memories of their early exploits are quite murky but exploding bottles of home-brewed ginger beer come to mind! Later of course, came college parties, Bruce […]

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Book review: The Competition

1 July 2014 Books

I’m always intrigued when I watch TV shows or read books featuring District Attorneys (or their equivalents) who seem to be overly involved in police investigations. In my limited experience here in Oz, everything’s pretty much tied up (complete with a little bow if they’re lucky) when cases are handed from police to the justice […]

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Why I write

1 July 2014 Life in general

Non bloggers will be bewildered. Or you know… not care at all. But bloggers will now be familiar with the blog hop thingy going around. Akin to the flu or measles. ‘Cept less debilitating. I’ve been tagged by the lovely Lee-Anne to share ‘Why I write’. It’s actually come at a good time as it forced […]

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What your bookshelf says about you

30 June 2014 Books

Last week I had a whinge about one of my most favourite topics – money. Well, the work / life; freedom / security balance thing. In that post I talked about the fact my priorities had changed. Indeed, I said I needed a new pair of shoes to replace the holey shoes I’d worn to work, […]

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Coeliac? 7 tips for new players

26 June 2014 Diet Schmiet

I’ll preface this post by saying that I’m no expert. At anything really. Other than watching-television and reading crime-fiction. Oh, and I’m pretty good with 80s and 90s movies. But anything health-related, well… However, because I’m always happy to share my magnificent insight and prone to be blunt, I figured I’m well-placed to share some tips I’ve […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Isn’t it ironic?

25 June 2014 Life in general

I’m working every day over the next couple of weeks. Not full days, just part days – but (although I don’t have to dress up or don work attire at all) – I’m struggling to find enough stuff to wear. My old pre-seachange clothes don’t fit and my post-seachange clothes mostly consist of soft-pants and […]

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Book review: Cop Town

23 June 2014 Books

I was born in the late 1960s and Karin Slaughter’s latest (stand-alone) novel, Cop Town, reminds me how lucky I am to have been born after generations of women who fought for equality and respect. While women still battle for equal pay and opportunities in developed countries and access to education and basic human rights in others; I’m […]

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Vitasoy competition winner!

22 June 2014 Diet Schmiet

I’ve been terribly remiss in not announcing the winner of my recent (sponsored) Vitasoy (and Nuffnang) competition. We judges unanimously decided to award the ($150) prize pack to Chloe R, for her answer: oooooh the Easy Vegan Bean Tacos sound delicious & a little out of the ordinary! I love how you altered the recipe […]

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Book review: Dancing on Knives

21 June 2014 Books

I haven’t read any of Kate Forsyth’s previous work but note she has quite a few books under her belt, including some children’s fiction. Her novels seem to lean strongly into the historical / fantasy genres, so it seems (to me anyway) that her latest release, Dancing on Knives is a bit of a departure for […]

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On giving up (dieting)

20 June 2014 Diet Schmiet

So… this is a post I didn’t want to write. But – as usual – I feel I’m lying by omission if I don’t share stuff like this. So here it is… I haven’t tracked my Weight Watchers points for three or four weeks. I started Weight Watchers online 5.5 months ago. My first and […]

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Book review: The Wrong Girl

19 June 2014 Books

I talked before about the fact I don’t read ‘romance’ novels. I can cope with a bit of sweet talking and sex in my favourite mystery / crime genre, but Chick Lit is almost as far from my comfort level as I could possible reach. Which is why it’s kinda weird that I picked up Zoe […]

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On not giving up

17 June 2014 Life in general

Back in the days I cared about sport I’d stay up half the night watching the French Open, US Open and Wimbledon tennis tournaments. Every time a player was two sets down and in the midst of a third set tie-break, commentators would note that ‘coming back to win from 2 sets down’ was rare in […]

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