Weekly check-in

Sunday, June 12, 2016 Permalink

I’ve been mostly AWOL this week. I had a few family-related commitments and was forced to remind myself that – though I try to be as professional as possible and often treat it as a job – I mostly blog for fun. It’s a passion but it’s also just a hobby. So… I attempted to stop stressing and live in the moment (or whatevs) and enjoy time with my family rather than worry about how few books I’d read or book reviews I’d written.

Book review: End of Watch by Stephen King

Thursday, June 9, 2016 Permalink

I missed the first in this Stephen King trilogy. Mr Mercedes received great reviews which tempted me (after a long break from King’s fiction) to read the second in the series, Finders Keepers.

I mostly enjoyed Finders Keepers and you can check out my review here, but… without the Mr Mercedes backstory I failed to really engage with Bill Hodges and his cohorts – who entered the Finders Keepers plot when I was already well and truly settled in with its main protagonist, young Peter Saubers and his family.

End of Watch seems to return to where Mr Mercedes left off, but interestingly, provides a really good recap of the key points of the original. So I enjoyed it a lot.


Weekly check-in

Sunday, June 5, 2016 Permalink

The weekend started miserably here on the east coast of Australia, with heavy rain, king tides and big winds. We were whipped about by some storms but in my part of the world most occurred while we slept like babies and the aftermath wasn’t as worrisome as weather forecasters predicted.

Today, on the other hand, is magnificent. Sunny and breezy. 

How am I doing?

Friday, June 3, 2016 Permalink

Yes, you read that title right. It’s a question… not my usual navel-gazing ‘how I’m doing’ type check-in post. And it’s because I’m pondering the notion of feedback – namely – when and how we ask for it.

Book review: Spare Me The Truth by CJ Carver

Thursday, June 2, 2016 Permalink

I picked up this book after a few non-reading days. I was at my mother’s so not in the bathtub at my own place where the reading magic usually happens. There was nothing on TV and I was procrastinating. After an hour or so on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (in a rotation every 5 minutes) I finally picked up Spare Me The Truth by CJ Carver, which asks…

What if someone told you your life was a lie?

And I was pulled in. Big time. And had to keep reading until I’d finished.


The i in team

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 Permalink

My running friends are growing. And I don’t mean in stature. I mean in size. Well, I don’t mean in size INDIVIDUALLY… I just mean there seem to be more of them. Runners, that is.

More and more are commencing ‘learn to run’ programs, while others embark on 10km runs, and then there’s the odd marathoner or two.

Besides the fact that I’m fat and unfit I’ve never been a runner. Even when fitter and healthier. Indeed, even when anorexic and exercise-obsessed.

Book review: The Dry by Jane Harper

Monday, May 30, 2016 Permalink

The Dry by Jane Harper was reportedly the subject of a bidding war when the manuscript went to auction. On top of that Reese Witherspoon has apparently secured the film rights and she’s got a pretty good record of spotting a popular book-to-screen option.