Book review: The Chimes by Anna Smaill


Life’s short. We all know that. So… like many others roaming this planet I decided some time ago, if I wasn’t enjoying a book after I’d read about one-third, I’d put it aside. However… there are always exceptions to that adage-which-should-be-a-rule. Fortunately I’d glanced at some previous reviews of The Chimes  by Anna Smaill before opening the book as others commented on their initial struggle, but recommended readers persevere.

So, my advice for anyone embarking on The Chimes…  Hang. In. There.

Miss not-so Independent


The whole cause and effect thing can occasionally be a tad confusing for over-thinkers such as yours truly.

I’ve been pondering the topic of independence, for example. I’ve talked in the past about the fact I’m loath to ask for help and tend to pride myself on this fact. (Although I do know it’s not always often a good thing!)

Monday check-in


It’s Monday so I’m again linking up with Sheila from Book Journey to share my weekly reading, however… I decided I’m broadening the usual post to include a bit of other stuff. I was going to start a Sunday wrap-up type post but realised the two would be similar. I figure those only interested in the book stuff can find that, and those more interested in the exciting happenings of my life, can jump to those sections. Voila! Two birds, one stone. Etcetera.

Book review: Second Life by SJ Watson


I (re) read SJ Watson’s debut novel Before I Go To Sleep  last year. It was a re-release to coincide with the launch of the movie starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth, but I hadn’t realised it wasn’t a new book until I opened it on my iPad. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it. Again.

Naturally I was eagerly awaiting Watson’s second novel, Second Life,  hoping the author didn’t fall into that ‘second book’ trap and offered something to match his debut work.

Book review: Obsession in Death by JD Robb


Obsession in Death  is JD Robb’s 40th Eve Dallas / Roarke novel. Robb’s first book in this series, Naked in Death,  was released in 1995*, which averages out at two books a year. Impressive for any author, but more so for one who has a day job! ;-)

I love this series. They’re one of my comfort reads. I own a heap (though probably not even half!) and have read most more than once.

My best year or better life?


I finally had the conversation with my personal trainer last week… telling him I wasn’t going to count calories or get weighed. I’d felt incredibly guilty the previous week when he weighed me as he was so disappointed with the result. I – on the other hand – am really happy with how my new exercise regime is going. I’ve started pushing myself a little more on the cardiovascular sections of the twice-weekly circuit AND I’m increasing my weights whenever possible. As I said recently I already feel more agile and supple. (And yes, I do – however – still feel fat.)

Book review: Crash & Burn by Lisa Gardner


It’s been too long between books for me to remember all of Lisa Gardner’s regular characters. While DD Warren is etched into my brain, PI Tessa Leoni and her newish paramour Sergeant Wyatt Foster weren’t really terribly familiar. Which wasn’t a problem as Gardner does an excellent job of subtly including context which gives us enough back story without making any previous novels redundant. (Regular readers of my reviews will know this is my pet hate!)