Book review: Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil by Melina Marchetta

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I knew little about this book going into it. I knew of Melina Marchetta’s young adult fiction – although I haven’t read Saving Francesca, On the Jellicoe Road or Looking for Alibrandi – I’ve certainly heard of them and seen the popular Australian movie based on the latter.

But Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil sounded very different to her past work. It’s targeted at adults, for a start. But it’s also more ‘my’ sort of book if that makes sense: a mystery to be solved; secrets to be uncovered. And it didn’t disappoint on either count.


If I wasn’t coeliac

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I had a conversation with a colleague recently about the latest research into coeliac disease.

“What if they found a cure?” she asked.

Now I know it wouldn’t be like finding a cure for cancer or Alzheimers, but the idea is exciting for we coeliacs nonetheless.

Favourite family meals

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I know most of the people joining in Denyse’s linkup today will be husbands, wives and parents and sharing their own family’s favourite meal. Alas, this singleton lives alone so my thoughts immediately jumped back to my family of origin and meals of my childhood.

I’m very fortunate however as I see my mother regularly since my seachange four years ago and she loves to cook. I believe I’ve mentioned the research I invented to prove that the domesticity gene skips a generation. So this means I can get my fave meals from mum without even needing to whine pathetically or remind her I fix stuff on her computer from time to time. 

Weekly check-in

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I’ve been home from my conference for nearly a week now and – in many ways – feel like I’ve achieved little. However… I’m happily ensconced in my own house so everything’s gotta be good, right? #spoileralert: The answer’s “Yes, mostly.”

Before I share the exciting trials and tribulations of my life, I’ll start with my reading and reviewing.

Book review: Leave Me by Gayle Forman

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I’ve only read one previous book by the popular young adult novelist Gayle Forman and was surprised at how much I enjoyed I Was Here. In my review I mention that it touches on a lot of important themes. (As does the book-turned-movie, If I Stay, which I’ve seen but not read.)

Forman’s latest is her first book for ‘adults’ – to use the publisher’s vernacular – and its theme is certainly targetted at an audience conscious of commitments and responsibilities. Like many of her young adult novels, the notion or threat of death lies at the centre of this novel though it’s probably a little less weighty (theme-wise) than many of her previous books.


Book review: Closed Casket by Sophie Hannah

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I need to confess that I had no idea Sophie Hannah had revitalised Agatha Christie’s famous Belgian detective and his little grey cells until this book appeared on a listing. It was only then I discovered Hannah had previously released The Monogram Murders, featuring Hercule Poirot, in 2014 – almost 40 years after the passing of Dame Agatha.

I adore Agatha Christie. I’ve read all of her books a million times. At least. Once upon a time I used to call them my bath books as I could read a novel in the bath in an hour. (Which was before I sat in the bath for hours on end reading!)


My Top Ten Thrillers

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For the first time today I’m participating in a book-related Tuesday link-up. I have to admit I found it almost impossible to select my top 10 books from my fave genre: crime fiction / thrillers / novels of suspense… so I’ve kinda stuck to the thriller / suspense side of things, as I see it.

Weekly check-in

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I’m writing this post from Queensland’s Gold Coast… where I’ve spent the last few days at a blogging conference. And I am now – quite frankly – rather exhausted from all of the listening and learning. Not to mention the eating and socialising.

But more on that later…

Book review: Apprentice in Death by JD Robb

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I love me some Lieutenant Eve Dallas and mega-zillionaire hubby Roarke. JD Robb’s In Death series isn’t going to win any literature prizes anytime soon, but every time a new book arrives it takes all of my willpower not to allow it to leap-frog its predecessors in my chronologically-sorted to-be-read pile.

Robb’s latest, Apprentice in Death is number 43. Give or take some short stories or ten.