Book review: The Melody Lingers On by Mary Higgins Clark

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I’ve long been a Mary Higgins Clark fan. Indeed – my love of her work dates back to the early 1990s when her novels seemed different and quite cutting-edge. Before heading into the bath with the book I joked on Facebook about reading MHC, saying I’d be revisiting Barbara Taylor Bradford next. Of course it wasn’t until I really thought back to my reading habits of the 1990s I remembered that it was (in fact) a time I discovered Joy Fielding, Elizabeth George, Martha Grimes, Patricia Cornwell and of course MHC.

Book review: Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee

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I read To Kill A Mockingbird because I had to. It was part of our high school syllabus and (interestingly) one of the few books we had to read that I actually read. I’ve read it since, but not recently. And while it remains a beautifully-written portrayal of a terrible time in history and a reminder of my teenage years, I was in no hurry to read Harper Lee’s much-awaited sequel.

Author interview – A Time to Run by JM Peace

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Because I’m sure you all commit my posts to heart, I’m sure you’ll remember that last week I reviewed the debut suspense novel, A Time To Run, by Queensland police officer JM Peace. Obviously because she’s still out there catching baddies in her day job, we can’t show you her face, but I can share with you this probing interview to which she succumbed. (And yes, she waived her right to have an attorney present!) 😉 

Book review: Those Girls by Chevy Stevens

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It’s 1997 and Dani, Courtney and Jess are Those Girls. By their mid-late teens they’ve lost their mother, received beatings at the hands of their alcoholic and often-absent father, all-but-starved and done a stint in foster care. Although Dani’s 18 she knows her younger sisters (particularly 14, almost 15 year old Jess) will be back in foster care if this latest incident involving their father comes to light.

Are you a bed maker?

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I’ve been spending a bit of time at my mother’s in recent months. Initially because I just needed a break away from my four walls, desk and own mind; then she had some technology problems and I was helping out; and then this week I hung out here because I’d been unwell and she picked me up in my nearby town and took me back to her place (which is also my childhood home). I think she worried if I collapsed at my own place no one would be there to find me and I’d be discovered weeks later, half-eaten by dachshunds. Or similar.*