Me… AWOL and Out of Orange winners!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016 Permalink

If you are reading this it’s because I am not here. Well, I’m here but not THERE. Or something.

You may recall I blithered a little about an upcoming trip to hospital for minor surgery. Which I survived – so the world uttered a sigh of relief, before bloody going to hell in a handbasket. Again.

Weekly check-in

Sunday, July 10, 2016 Permalink

Firstly… the most important news…. I ONLY NEED TO KEEP MY APARTMENT TIDY FOR ONE MORE WEEK! For those not playing along at home, my place has been on the market for 11 weeks. I have a 12 week contract with my Real Estate Agent and always planned – if it hadn’t sold – to pull it off after that, as there’s nothing worse than a place with a For Sale sign for months and months on end.

Book review: The House between Tides by Sarah Maine

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I’ve already admitted I don’t read a lot of historical fiction. In fact I tend to avoid it like the plague. Once I see reference to anything pre 1950s, my eyes glaze over and I lose all interest.

There are – however – a few exceptions. One of those is anything written by Kate Morton. Her books usually alternate between the then and now, and are somehow more palatable. And The House between Tides by Sarah Maine reminded me very much of Morton’s work.


Book giveaway: Out of Orange – A Memoir by Cleary Wolters

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I LOVE television. I’ve always loved television, and there are many MANY shows I watch religiously. However… I’ve failed to join the masses around the world who have become fans of Orange is the New Black. I watched season 1, but wasn’t interested enough to go back for more.

I’m conscious that season 4 has just finished amid the usual online hubub so it seems it’s as popular as ever. And I’m assuming it’s that popularity which has led to the publication of this memoir… taking us back to where it all started. 

Hospital couture

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So… I’m going to hospital next week. Never fear… before you start praying for my recovery or mourning a world without me, it’s no biggie. Just minor surgery that requires me to be in hospital for a few days.

It is, however, my first EVER stay in hospital. Well since I was born. So, that would be 47-48 years ago. Which seems like yesterday. #not

Book review: The Twisted Knot by JM Peace

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I enjoyed JM Peace’s first novel, A Time to Run and also had the opportunity to interview the elusive still-serving police officer after its release. We engage on social media from time to time so I did follow (from afar) the progress of her newest release and jumped at the opportunity to read it and catch up with Constable Sammi Willis who (#spoileraler)t survived the serial killer in the first book of the series.


Book review: The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

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I’d had this book on my iPad to read for a long time before its publication date. I’d not heard of author Ruth Ware before, but many tell me they’ve read her previous book – In a Dark, Dark Wood – and enjoyed it a lot.

I liked The Woman in Cabin 10. It offered up a flawed lead character who may, or may not, be trustworthy as a narrator and a whodunnit of sorts.