Book review: Cold Deception by DB Tait


I’m slowly increasing my repertoire of Australian authors and (in all honesty) feel bad I haven’t done so sooner. My latest addition is former Sydneysider DB Tait, who also writes erotic fiction as Keziah Hill and contemporary romance (as Deborah Tait). She’s previously worked in the criminal justice system—experience she puts to good use in her new release, Cold Deception.

Fat is not a feeling


I seem to have missed all of the fuss about Facebook’s ‘fat’ emoji. I attempted a google something I’d seen a month or so ago and all I found were stories about the fact that—in addition to sharing that we’re feeling sad / angry / happy etc on Facebook—we can share that we feel fat. #meh

Eventually I found what I was looking for and it was this clip from Caroline Rothstein (BuzzFeed).

Monday check-in


The past week was somewhat mixed. I had bursts of enthusiasm and energy counterbalanced by extended moments of the blahs. I’m trying not to feel too guilty about my lack of productivity however, as I was recovering from illness and it’s now only two weeks since I finished work.

Tomorrow I will wake with enthusiasm


I’m writing and posting this before I have second thoughts. In case it hasn’t been obvious I’ve been struggling to put fingers to keyboard of late. I’m doing okay with my book-related blog posts, but when it comes to writing about other stuff… let’s just say I have eight half-written blog posts from the last two weeks alone. They’re about everything from my first and only time horse riding; Orientation Week at Uni almost exactly 30 years ago; to my inability to visualise myself when meditating. 

Book review: If She Did It by Jessica Treadway


We meet Hanna Schutt three years after she was bludgeoned with a croquet club and left for dead. Her husband Joe was less fortunate, dying of his injuries before a friend discovered their beaten and bleeding bodies.

No one expected Hanna to live, so her ‘dying declaration’, which indicated the involvement of her daughter’s boyfriend Rud Petty, sent him to prison for his actions. Many—including Hanna’s other daughter Iris, the police and prosecutor—also believed Dawn to be involved… to some extent. But, although Dawn sided with her boyfriend against her family (maintaining his innocence throughout his trial), Hanna didn’t believe her daughter capable of such an atrocity. And when Dawn’s flatmate alibis her, Rud alone faced punishment.

Book review: Claiming Noah by Amanda Ortlepp


I don’t talk a lot (here) about my foray into fertility treatment, IVF and the like. I have close friends who have also gone through prolonged and rigorous procedures. Some with happy endings and some (like yours truly), not so happily-ever-after. I know therefore it is a subject fraught with emotion. Sanity is sometimes swept aside without us realising.

It’s brave then, that former marketing professional Amanda Ortlepp delves into the tricky and fertile (sorry!!!) world of embryo adoption in her debut novel, Claiming Noah.