Book review: Unlock Your Style by Nikki Parkinson


Regular readers of my blog will know that I avoid non-fiction at all costs. I’m not sure why. I can’t recall any incidents of childhood trauma which could have resulted in my aversion. It’s possibly as simple as the fact that I read to ‘escape’ which means there’s no place for reality on my bookshelves. Perhaps therapy would help. ;-)

Either way, I broke my no-non-fiction commandment earlier this week when I picked up Unlock Your Style  by Nikki Parkinson.

Book review: Hush by Karen Robards


When Jeff Cowan’s body is found in his bankrupt family’s former mansion, the police rule his death a homicide. His ex-wife Riley, however believes Jeff was murdered because he was attempting to track down missing money his imprisoned father swindled out of thousands of innocent people and looking into the suspicious deaths of several associates.

Not realising her own life will be at risk, Riley removes evidence to ensure the safety of Jeff’s mother and sister. These actions result in her crossing paths with Finn Bradley – seconded to the FBI to help recover the Cowan family’s missing fortune.

The Year of Living Dangerously


Yesterday I tweeted wondering if I was the only person in the developed world (or at least blogging world) who hadn’t chosen a word of the year. #word

A friend did suggest I opt for ‘sarcasm’. I can’t imagine why?!

Jim who?


I was supposed to return to my exercise classes today.

Regular readers may recall I’d finally started doing some exercise a month or two ago – just a couple of circuit classes a week – but it was better than nothing. And after just a half a dozen classes they almost felt as if they’d become part of my routine – a good thing in my book, if one is to sustain any sort of exercise regime. And when I had a couple of sessions off because of other commitments, I didn’t find it too hard to get back into it.