• Get Ur Freak On


    Some time ago I shared a clip from the Like A Girl campaign. It was basically reminding us that – ‘we’ (women, men, boys and girls) aren’t born with certain perceptions or ideas. We develop them over time thanks to our families, friends and society.

  • NSVs – Non scale victories


    I’ve got my third appointment with my personal trainer after work today. And I’m dreading it. I’m not actually dreading the PT session itself, rather I’m dreading the fact he’s expecting me to get weighed.

  • Jim who?


    I was supposed to return to my exercise classes today.

    Regular readers may recall I’d finally started doing some exercise a month or two ago – just a couple of circuit classes a week – but it was better than nothing. And after just a half a dozen classes they almost felt as if they’d become part of my routine – a good thing in my book, if one is to sustain any sort of exercise regime. And when I had a couple of sessions off because of other commitments, I didn’t find it too hard to get back into it.

  • Wordless Wednesday – Am I skinny yet?


    I cannot remember the last time I exercised. It’s been a month or two since I’ve done any yoga and walking any distance has resulted in shin splints and a sore back and hip. I know they’re just excuses and I’ve tried to tell myself a 5min walk is better than nothing, but I’ve struggled to convince myself.

    I know that losing even a little bit of weight will help me feel more able to exercise but the food / exercise / dieting thing is a tangled mess in my mind. A few weeks ago I talked about trying to focus more on how I feel. Well, quite frankly I feel friggin’ unfit and unhealthy.

  • Making it about how I feel, not how I look


    I’m fatter than ever. At least I think I am. I certainly feel it. Part of me wants to lock myself away and wallow in self loathing. At least I feel like I should. However the fact I’m not indulging in self-flagellation reminds me of how far I’ve come – body image (self-acceptance) wise. Although I may just be in denial… ;-)

  • Sitting with feelings


    Anyone who followed my old Diet Schmiet blog or has read through many of the posts I transferred here* will know that binge eating has long been an issue for me. (Coming after anorexia nervosa and bulimia.)

    I’m much better than I once was – I binge far less and am no longer even vaguely tempted to purge (too worried about the impact on my teeth and my health. But mostly my teeth!). Once upon a time I couldn’t have flour or sugar etc in the house cos – when in the zone – I’d mix up some strange batter to eat. I still don’t really keep sugar, but don’t think I’d do that nowadays.