Diet Schmiet

A new show is about to start on Oz TV called, Bringing Sexy Back. From the ads it appears to be a program which has found once attractive / slim peeps who’ve gained a heap of weight and somehow helps them lose the excess weight to again become ‘sexy’. Apparently. There are SO many things wrong […]


I received an email after my recent interview appeared on Lisa’s Random Acts of Zen; an interview in which I talked about being single and my weight. And about the relationship between the two. Emily Jean is a health coach and works with women who are wanting to give up the dieting mindset and just trying to find some peace with food, […]


I’ve talked before about my experiences at Fat Camp (where I lost nearly 15kg in a month). My feelings about the time are mixed. I know eating 700-900 calories a day and doing 5hrs of exercise is not even vaguely sustainable. Or healthy. But sometimes now – when I feel really desperate to do something […]


Last week this photograph appeared on my Facebook feed. Firstly I thought to myself… that doesn’t look like Robyn Lawley. Secondly I hoped the magazine used the inverted commas because they were being facetious rather than actually defining the model (as she appears in that photo) as plus-sized. Fortunately many agreed and the comments underneath […]


Someone asked me recently if I was still ‘dieting’ so I planned to share a post about my health and my eating behaviour this weekend. CliffsNotes version: I quit Weight Watchers nearly 2mths ago having lost 12.5kg over a six month period. After a frightening display of binge and overeating (and lack of movement) I gained over half of […]


I’ll preface this post by saying that I’m no expert. At anything really. Other than watching-television and reading crime-fiction. Oh, and I’m pretty good with 80s and 90s movies. But anything health-related, well… However, because I’m always happy to share my magnificent insight and prone to be blunt, I figured I’m well-placed to share some tips I’ve […]


I’ve been terribly remiss in not announcing the winner of my recent (sponsored) Vitasoy (and Nuffnang) competition. We judges unanimously decided to award the ($150) prize pack to Chloe R, for her answer: oooooh the Easy Vegan Bean Tacos sound delicious & a little out of the ordinary! I love how you altered the recipe […]

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So… this is a post I didn’t want to write. But – as usual – I feel I’m lying by omission if I don’t share stuff like this. So here it is… I haven’t tracked my Weight Watchers points for three or four weeks. I started Weight Watchers online 5.5 months ago. My first and […]


Dairy Schmairy


This post is brought to you by Nuffnang and Vitasoy. Around the same time as my coeliac diagnosis my doctor casually dropped into the conversation the fact that I was lactose intolerant. It was something I ignored for the next seven or eight years while getting my gluten-free eating under control. I wasn’t a huge […]

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Sometime in the lead-up to Easter I came across a Rocky Road recipe. I bookmarked it but (naturally) never found it again. However… my appetite was whetted and even though I was planning some Red Tulip Easter treats, I figured I could add some homemade Rocky Road to the long weekend’s menu. Long time readers […]


I’ve often talked about the dire relationship I have with the voice of doom or scales of judgement. I’ve also however, talked about the fact that I realise the bathroom scale is a bloody inanimate object not worthy of such dread (and *ahem* revere – in equal parts!). Because I’d stopped ‘dieting’ and weighing myself I threw away […]


I’m yet to buy my mum a Mother’s Day present this year although she’s told me I can give her $8 for the discounted ABBA CD she recently bought on sale. *sigh* However, I’ll almost certainly travel the 42km (exactly) to her place, overnight it and cook her breakfast. Both she and I are trying to […]


All good things…


My aunt loves telling the story of me one Easter, after having overindulged in too many Red Tulip Easter Eggs… telling her I was “Tick in de tink.” Obviously I was very young and without the ability to enunciate ‘s’ or ‘th’. Not to mention guilelessly nonchalant about admitting to spewing after too much chocolate. […]