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I’m a good girl. Back when my school friends dared each other to steal a 50c bracelet at the local show I steered clear. If I’m really honest I think it’s only the ‘getting in trouble’ I worry about. As for the naughtiness… well… #meh. Which is a long-winded way of explaining why I won’t […]


I have to come clean about a relationship I’ve been in for the last almost-four years. I talked recently about intimacy and my desire to have someone who knows me inside and out. But, just when I think our relationship is going somewhere, I’m floored by the realisation that we’re nowhere near as in-sync as […]


Ads for the Aussie TV show Offspring have been appearing on our televisions for a month or so now and I gather it will soon return to small screens around the country. But I won’t be watching. And no, it’s not because I’m pining for the loss of much-loved Patrick (killed off last season in case […]


Because I’m an equal opportunity blogger I decided I should complement last week’s Top 10 female sleuths with a list of their male counterparts. (Well that plus I haven’t finished the Wordless Wednesday blog post I’d planned to do and this is much easier to do on the fly!) Again I haven’t included super-heros… although […]


I was ranting speaking to someone recently about female detectives and how they’re so often still a ‘sidekick’ to their male counterpart (Bones, Castle, The Mentalist, CSI x 15 come to mind). However… I’ve since reminded myself of a few kick-ass females who’ve taken a lead role over the years and decided to share my […]


You may have noticed that, because I’ve got such hardy self-esteem, I have no problems confessing to the occasional foible or idiosyncrasy. (Then again, there’s also my leaning towards self-deprecation…!) Either way, as a result, I have no problems admitting to addictions. I’ve confessed to binge reading, binge tweeting, and the fact I am a […]


I’ve had a post-it note sitting on my kitchen bench for weeks. Possibly months. In fact I have a few. As a lover of words I occasionally hear a quote or phrase I like and jot it down. More often that not I eventually throw the piece of paper away, or the scribble in my […]


She’s baaaack….


I know it’s been a while, but you may recall my love for Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, a TV show based on a series of novels by Aussie author Kerry Greenwood. I wrote about the show and later about the gorgeous fashions last year when Season One aired here in Australia. Well, in case you don’t […]


The TV show Blue Bloods burst onto our screens a couple of years ago. Okay… so there may not have been bursting, but I liked the alliteration. Nevertheless, the show was widely promoted and appeared with much fanfare. However… it wasn’t long before Channel 10 moved it to a late timeslot before eventually relegating it […]


I recently wrote about my newfound love for HBO’s The Newsroom. It’d been a while since I’d gushed about TV on DVD as I’ve struggled to find a video (DVD) library in my new hometown. In fact I seem to be jinxed with my local Blockbuster closing down just before I moved town (they must […]


Last month I underwent a digital detox, which really just involved staying off-line for three or so days and NOT DOING ANY WORK. I hid out at my mother’s and – for the first time in almost six months – I went to a DVD rental place and salivated over the array of TV on […]


Is it just me or does there always seem to be nothing on TV, or far too much?! Until recently my Monday and Wednesday nights offered up an abundance of exciting viewing – so much so that I was unable to record and watch everything I wanted to see. And then of course, the next […]


What I’m watching


Parents around the world rejoice when summer holidays come to an end. As do I. I’m not a parent, so my celebrations aren’t in honour of having bored argumentative kids back in school where they belong (for at least 12 years or more). No, my delight is a direct result of the fact that the […]