• 5 TV shows I wish I could watch

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    I’m a good girl. Back when my school friends dared each other to steal a 50c bracelet at the local show I steered clear.

    If I’m really honest I think it’s only the ‘getting in trouble’ I worry about. As for the naughtiness… well… #meh.

    Which is a long-winded way of explaining why I won’t illegally download TV series or movies. It’s really not the ethics or morality of it all – just my fear of getting caught.

    Which means - because I don’t have cable TV and no longer belong to any video libraries (I mean, do ANY even exist?!) I’m missing out on some TV shows I REALLY wish I could watch. Although I now avoid women’s and trashy magazines I still see enough stuff online to know what’s out there: What’s Hot and What’s Not. Etcetera.

    So, in no particular order the 5 TV shows I’d illegally download – if I was into that sort of thing – are:

    1. The Newsroom


    I loved The West Wing and rented Season 1 of this show which I reviewed here – and adored. Sorkin at his best (well, at least in S1!).

    2. House of Cards

    House of Cards

    I ‘kinda’ liked this show but tend to hate those ‘if something could go wrong, it will go wrong’ type of shows. And I may sound naive but I got tired of everyone being so bloody nasty! I’m happy to continue torturing myself however.

    3. Orange is the New Black

    orange black

    I’ve heard heaps about this prison drama and am really keen to see it, but not sure that’s gonna happen any time soon unless Oz free-to-air TV stations come to the party!

    4. True Detective

    True Detective

    Matthew McConaughey on TV. There’s nothing more to say!

    5. Game of Thrones


    I almost left this off because I watched Season 1 and didn’t find this as enjoyable as the rest of the world. However… it’s kinda stood the test of time now, so I should probably try to catch up!

    There are a few others I’ve heard a little about which also tempt me: Orphan Black, The 100 and Penny Dreadful seem to be attracting some attention.

    #Inrelatednews I note Dexter is back on free-to-air TV (only 2.5yrs behind original airing dates) and as I haven’t rented anything after Season 6, I can actually start watching it again!

    I figure there’s a lesson there: perhaps if I wait long enough some of the other shows I’m keen to watch will make it to my TV screen.

    Is there anything you wish you could watch on TV?
    What have I missed? 

    *All pics from IMDb website.

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  • You think you know me?

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    I have to come clean about a relationship I’ve been in for the last almost-four years.

    I talked recently about intimacy and my desire to have someone who knows me inside and out. But, just when I think our relationship is going somewhere, I’m floored by the realisation that we’re nowhere near as in-sync as I thought we were.

    Sure, being able to leave instructions and know they’ll be carried out is a good thing, but sometimes we just want more….


    Of course I’m not talking about a person. Alas.

    Although… it’s a bit like having another householder. In my old place I’d find myself walking past my entertainment unit and the little red recording light would be on. Unexpectedly.

    “What are you taping for me now?” I’d ask it.

    My TiVo never responded cos… hello it’s an inanimate object, but still…

    When I first splurged on my TiVo my only point of reference was a Sex and the City episode in which Miranda essentially becomes emotionally dependent on hers. Thankfully I’ve never quite gotten to that.

    I did a heap of research before I bought it, but still managed to NOT realise it had to be constantly connected to the internet to work! D-oh!

    Initial unhappiness aside, my TiVo fast became my fave household item. I’m fairly sure my other appliances were insanely jealous. Well, they would have been if they weren’t just things…

    Anyhoo, I soon discovered that my TiVo not only recorded stuff, but I could program it to tape shows featuring certain actors or using keywords (Richard Armitage and Agatha Christie are two of my ‘starred’ items in case you were wondering). However, it also comes up with TiVo suggestions. You have the option of giving a thumbs up, or thumbs down to certain stations and shows and ‘somehow’ your TiVo will ‘learn’ (via complicated algorithm I’m sure!) what sorts of shows you like.


    We were a bit hit and miss in the early days and I’d find a stack of kids TV shows or current affairs shows taped for me. I soon set it straight however and I felt we had a pretty good thing going. I’d often find myself pleasantly surprised by the odd old movie or relieved to see something I’d missed recorded, and we settled into a nice pattern. Mostly.

    However, something’s happened cos of late it’s like we’re back to square one. Last week I checked my recorded programs (I keep a ridiculously large amount of shows to watch again: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Person of Interest, for example!) and discovered that awaiting my viewing pleasure were shows about bloody trucking adventures, car engines and news. News!!!!

    What the fuck?

    IMG_3300.jpgLike I said, there are the occasional glitches. At some point in the last four years I must have watched a few ‘foreign’ movies on SBS2, so I regularly find some obscure Korean movie awaiting me.

    And the move 18mths ago meant I needed to take a picture of the cords to remind myself where the bloody hell they went! But on the whole, I thought we were sorted.

    Perhaps it’s like something out of The Terminator and Skynet’s starting to control our machines. #joking*

    I suspect it’s just getting old. While I can’t afford a replacement anytime soon I must confess I’m kinda excited about what the next version will be able to do!

    Do you have an ‘intelligent’ PVR / DVR etc? Does it offer up suggestions?

    * As an aside, does anyone else kinda find it freaky that their ‘i’ devices share stuff behind your back? I mean, I know I set up my iPad and iPhone for iCloud sharing but it’s like two recalcitrant kids conspiring behind my back – sharing photos and music and the like! 

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  • Why I won’t be watching Offspring

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    Ads for the Aussie TV show Offspring have been appearing on our televisions for a month or so now and I gather it will soon return to small screens around the country.

    Dr Chris & Nina – from S1

    But I won’t be watching.

    And no, it’s not because I’m pining for the loss of much-loved Patrick (killed off last season in case you didn’t see it or have no idea what I’m talking about). In fact, I must actually admit I haven’t watched the show since the first season when the delightful Don Hany (Dr Chris) was key character Nina’s love interest. And even then it was a challenge.

    You see… My issue was (sadly) not really with the show, ie. It’s not you, it’s me. One of my (many) foibles, issues, idiosyncracies. Or worse. Something which makes me sound petty and pathetic – and something I need to get past to become a better person.

    Life envy.

    For my overseas readers or those not-in-the-know, Offspring features unlucky-in-love Nina Proudman. An obstetrician whose life is ‘apparently’ a bit of a mess. She has a (ummm) challenging family and is prone to doing and saying silly things. Which (sadly) many of us do. We’re privy to her thoughts throughout the show so we know exactly what nonsensical and irrational ideas and notions pop into her head.

    However… she’s attractive, earns a good salary AND has been in love and married once already when we meet her in Season 1 (albeit to someone slightly psychopathic)! Although I really liked Nina (and actress Asher Keddie) I found myself sitting there, wondering why I should cheer her on to find love a second time. Jaysus… some of us are still waiting for Mr Right #1 to come along. And… she’s on her second. Well… as her (Season 1) love interest Dr Chris left the show, the now-deceased Patrick was in fact number 3!

    Obviously I’m not trying to diminish her right to feel sad after the demise of her first marriage and distraught at the death of her lover, but still…. *pout*

    However while I’d stopped watching the show a couple of years ago I have to admit that there is NO WAY IN HELL I’ll be tuning into the show now. Because of this:


    Pics from Offspring FB page

    Oh yes…. It’s Nina’s ridiculously cute baby!

    At least in the ads she or someone reminds her that she’s lucky to have ‘some’ family etc.

    Again, I don’t begrudge Nina (or anyone) their children or happy families; and while I have (mostly) reconciled myself to remaining childless, I really don’t need it rubbed in my face. So while I *ahem* do realise the producers, directors, writers and cast *possibly* aren’t conspiring from afar to remind me of what I don’t have… I’m forced to admit I’m not really sufficiently gracious or evolved enough to watch the show (or ads) without feeling slightly bitter and twisted.

    Are you an Offspring fan?
    Do you suffer from life envy?

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  • Top 10 male TV sleuths. According to me

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    Because I’m an equal opportunity blogger I decided I should complement last week’s Top 10 female sleuths with a list of their male counterparts. (Well that plus I haven’t finished the Wordless Wednesday blog post I’d planned to do and this is much easier to do on the fly!)

    Again I haven’t included super-heros… although I was v.tempted. And again this was quite a challenge… after all the likes of Knight Rider and BJ McKay (and his Best Friend Bear), are etched into my psyche. However, without further ado:

    10. MacGyver

    On googling I discovered that Richard Dean Anderson’s character’s full name was Angus MacGyver… so it’s no surprise the secret agent was known only by his surname. While I didn’t think MacGyver was a hottie (like many others around the globe) I was impressed with his ability to solve almost any crisis with duct tape, toothpicks or whatever else he had on hand.


    Agentdalecooper9. FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper

    Back in 1990 we all wanted to know Who Killed Laura Palmer?  No one more so than Special Agent Dale Cooper, sent to Twin Peaks to assist local police.

    Oddly sexy and equally creepy, Kyle MacLachlan was a David Lynch favourite who later crossed into mainstream TV via Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives.

    8. Fox Mulder.

    Oh yes, like many others I was a fan of The X-Files. Though David Duchovny really didn’t ‘do’ it for me, I really enjoyed the first few seasons of the show despite the often-gruesome and slightly-scary visuals.

    Patrick-Jane-a7. Patrick Jane

    I swear that The Mentalist star, Simon Baker is NOT only on my list because he’s a cutie. Rather, he plays a fabulous (and v.quirky) role and his Patrick Jane is pivotal to the cast of the show. (Although I am a bit over the whole Red John thing!)

    6. Detective Andy Sipowicz

    I was not a fan of NYPD Blue. But… at the time it felt like it revitalised a tired TV genre. Gritty and often bleak it was a hit with many over its 12 year run. Dennis Franz’s Sipowicz usually played second fiddle to his higher-profile partners (David Caruso and Jimmy Smits) but… his name is synonymous with the show and he appeared in every episode.



    5. Jim Rockford, Columbo, Callan and Kojak

    I know these trailblazers of television detectives deserve more than a four-way tie but I have to confess I remember little about the shows other than the fact they existed. However… their fame lives on so they deserve a place in my top ten.

    4. Inspector Morse

    I’m a sucker for crime fiction and TV shows, so good old Inspector Morse was always a fallback option for me. There was something likeable about the prickly character portrayed for 12 seasons by John Thaw. Sadly fortunately I haven’t transferred my enthusiasm to its spinoff Lewis, though am a little partial to Endeavour (the show about Morse as a young police constable).

    3. Sherlock Holmes (featuring BOTH Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller)

    I was a fan of the bizarrely sexy Benedict (and HIS Sherlock) when Elementary appeared on our screens. Determined to find it passe and derivative I’ve found instead that I really enjoy Jonny Lee Miller’s take on the quirky detective!

    Sherlock-Elementary-DUO-2 bookyurt com

    Source: bookyurt.com

    2. Poirot 

    What can I say?! This is a no-brainer. There’s a reason that Agatha Christie’s Poirot continues to grace our screens almost 40 years after her death. The idiosyncratic, arrogant user of little grey cells remains a fave.

    1. Magnum PI

    I mean, hello?! I’ve already raved about my fandom of Thomas Magnum back in the day. (And I love Tom Selleck in his COP role in Blue Bloods).


    Special mention goes to – a myriad of actors in The Wire, which I am yet to see, but the cast is reportedly amazing; as well as the many leading men in shows like NCIS, CSI and Law and Order.

    (And… In case you’re wondering I’ve decided that I need a separate post to highlight my fave TV duos, or I’m pretty sure Starsky and Hutch would most certainly have made my list!)

    What are your thoughts about my top ten? 
    Who have I missed? 

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  • Top 10 female TV sleuths. According to me

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    I was ranting speaking to someone recently about female detectives and how they’re so often still a ‘sidekick’ to their male counterpart (Bones, Castle, The Mentalist, CSI x 15 come to mind). However… I’ve since reminded myself of a few kick-ass females who’ve taken a lead role over the years and decided to share my top 10 female detectives of all time!


    10. Sergeant Leann “Pepper” Anderson

    Angie Dickinson’s most-remembered role as the star of Police Woman has to appear on the list though I’ve never actually seen the show myself. (Yes, it was before even MY time!) However… I remember the show from my childhood and know it led the way for many MANY female detectives who would come later.

    9. Phryne Fisher

    I’ve confessed a number of times to my love of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. The very stylish and decadent Miss Fisher (Essie Davis) is tremendous fun, tongue-in-cheek hilarious and (quite frankly) I WANT HER LIFE.

    rizzoli_isles_season_48. Rizzoli & Isles

    Yes, Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) and Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander) come as a pair which is allowed in my world. I’ve talked before about my love of the show and – in particular – their relationship and the way the two stars (and characters) complement each other perfectly.

    7. Cagney & Lacey

    I didn’t want this show religiously but started towards the end of its life. Like Police Woman, Christine Cagney (Sharon Gless) and Mary Beth Lacey (Tyne Daly) were trailblazers for smart kick-ass women grappling with life in a man’s world and the whole work / life balance thing.

    Pic from: inconnumag.tumblr.com

    Pic from: inconnumag.tumblr.com

    6. Veronica Mars

    I’m yet to see the Veronica Mars movie but I adored the original TV show. I suspect it reminded me of my love of Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew books as a kid; but back in 2004 when Veronica Mars aired, young female detectives were a rare commodity. Particularly those who did cute things with their hair.

    5. Jane Tennison

    As I’ve always been a fan of a good detective show I LOVED Prime Suspect (the original English series) when it aired between 1991 – 2006. Helen Mirren was always fabulous in the role of the quite flawed but sassy and smart detective.

    4. Charlie’s Angels

    From: fanpop.com

    From: fanpop.com

    Again, these three (or should it be five?) come as a group. Along with the likes of The Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman, they provided girls of the 1970s with strong female role models… who just happened to look great no matter what they were doing.

    LawO_SVU_Bio_Mariska-Hargitay_500x5003. Olivia Benson

    Law & Order SVU is the great survivor in the Law & Order franchise and I believe much of that is thanks to Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson (now Sergeant and boss of the SVU team).

    Although an ensemble cast, Hargitay’s / Benson’s charisma and passion has kept the show alive over the years.

    2. Jessica Fletcher

    I’ve already admitted that I LOVE(D) Murder She Wrote. Indeed a few years ago when we suddenly got extra stations here in Oz and it started appearing daily I recorded it while at work, so I could watch it when nothing else was on. It was tragically old school with some scary acting and frightening sets (fake indoor plants anyone?!) but I still tuned in regularly.

    Source: ivid.it

    Source: ivid.it

    1. Miss Marple

    Surely Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple is the mother (grandmother or great-grandmother) of all female detectives who came after. My absolutely favourite Miss Marple without a doubt is Geraldine McEwan who I believe played the role with the perfect balance of woolliness, acumen and good humour.

    So there you have it. My favourite female TV sleuths. Narrowing it down to ten was harder than I expected. Other notable mentions: Sarah(s) Linden / Lund from The Killing (both US and Danish versions); FBI Agent Olivia Dunham from Fringe and Professor Sam Ryan from Silent Witness.

    Of course, you’ll also realise I haven’t included ‘superheros’ or Buffy would indeed have featured as my number one pick!

    So… how do you feel about my list and who have I forgotten?

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  • My first obsession: Steve and Jaime

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    You may have noticed that, because I’ve got such hardy self-esteem, I have no problems confessing to the occasional foible or idiosyncrasy. (Then again, there’s also my leaning towards self-deprecation…!)

    Either way, as a result, I have no problems admitting to addictions. I’ve confessed to binge reading, binge tweeting, and the fact I am a television addict. Indeed the latter goes WAAAAY back.  It’s not just the likes of Buffy and The West Wing which have tickled my fancy. No sirreee… I was addicted way back in the day of the Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men, Chips, Starsky and Hutch and Charlie’s Angels – to name just a few of my childhood faves.

    But, by far the shows which I loved the most were The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.

    PicMonkey Collage

    Already a fan of Steve Austin, I was thrilled when (in 1975) Jaime Sommers appeared in The Six Million Dollar Man double episode as his love interest and – after a parachuting accident – received bionic legs, a bionic arm and ear.

    However… former fans of the show may recall that Jaime’s body rejected her bionic bits and she died.

    I was devastated. I’m talking… Offspring*-fans-when-Patrick-died devastated. I’m talking killing-off-Molly-in-A Country Practice*-devastated.

    I was still in tears days later, my parents powerless to comfort me, when after dinner one night they told me to go and check under their bed for something. And there, in a box (I assume, cos I can’t remember that bit!) was my very own SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN doll!

    I suspect I still mourned for the loss of Jaime, but my Steve Austin doll pretty much made up for any real sense of devastation (see… I was fickle and all about instant gratification even then!).

    I’ve still got Steve… and you can still open the bionic peepholes in his legs, but you can’t roll the skin up off his arm to check his bionic bits cos it sort of melted on there sometime in the last 35ish years. You can also mostly see through his bionic eye, but it’s a bit foggy.

    Of course what I didn’t know was that – behind the scenes, Jaime’s character had become so popular they brought her back to life and gave star Lindsay Wagner her own TV show, The Bionic Woman (which ran from 1976 – 1978).

    I later got a Bionic Woman doll as well – which I still have and also in a state of dishevelment and now living happily ever after with Steve in a carton somewhere.

    I’m not sure what it was about the whole thing which upset me so much. I suspect it was the perfect love story and the fact that Jaime stood for the empowerment of women before I even knew what that was or what it meant. Like most superheros, Jaime was smart and strong and I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. (Though all I really mastered as a kid was her hair flick!)

    PS. As an adult I appreciate my parents’ gesture even more because we weren’t particularly well off and they weren’t prone to buying us whatever we wanted. (We were spoilt with their love but not endowed with every toy or game we wanted.)

    What was your first TV obsession?
    Did you ever watch the recent remake of The Bionic Woman? If not, don’t worry cos it was crap!

    * Aussie TV shows – for my overseas readers.

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  • The sequel and the spoiler alert

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    I’ve had a post-it note sitting on my kitchen bench for weeks. Possibly months. In fact I have a few. As a lover of words I occasionally hear a quote or phrase I like and jot it down. More often that not I eventually throw the piece of paper away, or the scribble in my notebook gets lost amidst other stuff. Like grocery lists.

    Anyhoo, this quote was by JJ Abrams, director of the latest Star Trek movie and from an interview he did after the movie’s launch.

    “I think a lot of sequels make this weird mistake, which is that they assume you care.”

    Oh yes. How many times are we disappointed by the sequel? More often than not, it seems.

    It must be hard for those in the entertainment industry to sustain our interest when there are so many new and exciting things to capture our ADD minds. So it’s increasingly obvious they can’t coast along on their predecessor’s success.

    I’ve been pondering on that issue in terms of authors – particularly those who produce a series of books.

    Even those whose series remained ridiculously successful (Stephenie Meyer and Twilight; JK Rowling with Harry Potter) had their moments, with some novels just not stacking up to the hype of their predecessors. Of course, in MY esteemed opinion, some authors appear to struggle as their series continue… James Patterson and Alex Cross; Jeffrey Deaver and Lincoln Rhyme (and many MANY others) come to mind*.

    In fact I had a reminder of that very fact recently when I discovered my mother reading a Patricia Cornwell book. And here I must fall on my sword and confess that I was a fan of her early work. Back in the 1990s I LOVED all-things-Kay-Scarpetta. And, although our relationship had been through a bitter end – cos it all went to crap – I’d held onto Cornwell’s first four or five books until my latest move in late 2012. My mother planned to give them (and a heap of others which were / are equally embarrassing if I’m pretending to have sophisticated literary tastes – John Grisham, James Patterson and the like) to the local Op Shop but loaned them out to friends beforehand.

    I asked if she’d started with the first book.

    “Oh,” she said, “I hadn’t realised they were a series.”

    The obsessive-compulsive freak in me started hyperventilating before regaining control. And I realised that I too – on occasions – have read a series of novels out of order. Although I try not to.

    I love nothing better than discovering a new author, whose work I like and who have years of novels behind them. Indeed, on discovering Robert B Parker, JD Robb, John Sandford, Alafair Burke (and so forth) I actually ‘ordered’ their books from local libraries and diligently read them in chronological order. As you do…. (if you’re me!)

    In my (oh so humble) opinion, reading a series out of order can be fraught with difficulties and I just did that very thing recently.

    I’ve started doing some book reviews (some of which I’m publishing here, others just in Goodreads) and, as a result, I’m discovering new authors… which is seriously exciting. However, I’ll happily launch into a book only to find the typical ‘recap of recent happenings’ (aka backstory) which essentially RUINS the previous novels’ suspense or surprise factor. Knowing that my lead character has just survived a psychopath who happened to be her boss / fellow cop / girl he was dating (having previously overcome another brush with death in an earlier case), means that if I go back to read the previous novels, I’ll already know whodunnit.

    Of course, I recognise the dilemma of the author. One must provide some backstory or readers will remain confused : Why doesn’t our heroine trust men? Why does our hero have blackouts?

    I’m sure sustaining a group of interesting characters and intriguing plots over a series of novels must be an incredible challenge, but I’d to think there’s some way of ‘setting the scene’ without giving away the outcomes of the previous novels.

    Do you read series of books?
    Do you read them in order or randomly?
    Do you find sequencing a problem, or
     am I just overly anal?

    * I can’t remember this being an issue for Enid Blyton and the Famous Five or Secret Seven. Or even Noddy and Naughty Amelia Jane! #justsayin


  • She’s baaaack….

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    I know it’s been a while, but you may recall my love for Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, a TV show based on a series of novels by Aussie author Kerry Greenwood. I wrote about the show and later about the gorgeous fashions last year when Season One aired here in Australia.

    Well, in case you don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter… Ta Da!

    Yes, Season Two is here!

    When I first heard of its return I had great plans.

    “I will have a party or drinkies in honour of Miss Phryne Fisher,” I thought, before returning to the apathy in which I usually wallow.

    And so of course, tonight is the night that Phryne will again grace our screens and I have nothing planned.

    That didn’t stop me spending an irrational amount of time this afternoon planning what my Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries party would have involved of course. Well, providing I had an exorbitant budget and myriad of friends who are also lovers of Miss Fisher. And sadly, I have neither.

    However… let’s get back to the party-in-my-head.

    Guests WOULD naturally be required to dress appropriately, with silk, sequins, feathers, and floaty sheer fabrics very welcome from the fairer sex and dapper suits or shirt-sleeves, from the gents! Hats, scarves, shawls, headpieces, faux fur and parasols would also be appreciated.

    PicMonkey Collage 2

    There would – of course be the odd Tango and Charleston and the like (okay, well… maybe not!) – but definitely some jazz and soulful tunes.

    PicMonkey Collage3

    And there would be  mood lighting; an array of bright glistening globes and/or fairy lights amidst a palette of  black, white and gleaming gold and silver, with fabulous cocktails consumed out of crystal glasses of various shapes and sizes. And there’d be finger food galore served on silver platters by austere and impeccably groomed waiters.


    But… like I said, I’ve organised none of that, so instead I’ll loll on my couch drinking champagne and eating popcorn as I welcome Phryne and the team back to our screens!

    Are you a Phryne Fisher fan?

  • Blue Bloods back into the fold

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    The TV show Blue Bloods burst onto our screens a couple of years ago. Okay… so there may not have been bursting, but I liked the alliteration. Nevertheless, the show was widely promoted and appeared with much fanfare. However… it wasn’t long before Channel 10 moved it to a late timeslot before eventually relegating it to its less-mainstream stablemate, ONE.

    This was fine with me as I was just happy that it remained on our screens.

    I’ve briefly mentioned the show before. Tom Selleck is the perfect Commissioner of Police. Indeed those Hawaiian shirts and short shorts are most-definitely only a vague memory. (Albeit, a pleasant one at the time! And yes… WTF were we thinking back in the 1980s?!)

    As an actor Selleck has the gravitas and charisma to carry off the important role of Police Commissioner AND Frank Reagan, loving dad and grandad to a traditional New York cop family. I must admit, I only ever see family gatherings like the weekly Reagan lunch on television (the show Parenthood also comes to mind) but it’s kinda nice to see.

    Selleck is well supported by Donnie Wahlberg as his cop-son – although I’m surprised that the fact his character seems to get the ‘choice’ cases doesn’t result in favouritism complaints from other detectives. And I’ve long been a fan of Bridget Moynahan (since her SATC days) as the sole daughter and non-cop in the family. Of course as a ADA, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

    The family interaction, with youngest son Will Estes, also a cop and Lou Cariou – the patriarch of the family (well, kinda in a Queen Mother role. He’s obviously respected and loved, but nowadays it’s his adult child wielding the power in that family!). And I love daughter-in-law extraordinaire (Amy Carlson) – and not just for her haircut – although that is part of the reason.

    I love that the show tackles important (and timely) issues and it strikes a good balance between the family / background stuff and the case at hand. It is, after all, essentially a cop drama. My only criticism is that – on a couple of occasions – the writers appear to have commenced dabbling in a storyline or plot offshoot which has been shelved (early episodes re the Blue Templar come to mind!).

    However, I’ve been a devoted fan of BB since it aired on Channel 10, moved across to ONE and through a number of breaks and timeslot changes.

    And now… it’s back into the fold. Back on Channel 10. Not one of its ugly stepsisters ,but on Channel 10 itself.

    Amazing… Who knows, next thing Beauty and the Beast will appear on Channel 10 rather than its other ugly-stepsister, Eleven. Or, repeats of Heartbeat will be shown on primetime on Channel 7, rather than 7TWO. Or maybe not. NB. Watch either of those at your own risk! ;-)

    Have you seen Blue Bloods? Are you a fan?
    Do you remember Magnum PI?
    Anything else you’d like to see back on mainstream TV?