• Remembering my father


    Today would have been my father’s 76th birthday. Unfortunately he only made it to 71.

    When my mother and I talked recently we agreed we’d both been thinking about him more of late. Mum thought it was his impending birthday which led to our increased ponderance, but I tend to think of him when I’m in bed at night and cannot sleep. Which. Is. A. Lot. Lately.

  • Just a bit of history repeating


    I recently watched the first series of a TV show called The 100 (pronounced ‘the hundred’). Essentially it’s a post-apocalyptic drama in which 100 juvenile offenders are sent to earth 97 years after a nuclear war rendered it uninhabitable. The remaining humans have been living on The Ark in space since before the war and, as they’re running out of oxygen, decide not to wait the century before returning to earth as originally planned.

  • Tomorrow I will wake with enthusiasm


    I’m writing and posting this before I have second thoughts. In case it hasn’t been obvious I’ve been struggling to put fingers to keyboard of late. I’m doing okay with my book-related blog posts, but when it comes to writing about other stuff… let’s just say I have eight half-written blog posts from the last two weeks alone. They’re about everything from my first and only time horse riding; Orientation Week at Uni almost exactly 30 years ago; to my inability to visualise myself when meditating. 

  • Taking Stock


    I finished a part-time contract gig last week. I’d been with the company for about 14-15mths and it was a decision I did not make lightly. I’m a little unsure of what will come next but unlike my departure from government over two years ago, there’s no financial buffer this time around.

    I’ve been wallowing a little this week as a result. On one hand I feel like I need a short holiday or break, but on the other I should be planning for my future. Which is all a long way of saying I’ve started half a dozen posts over the last two weeks — all of which are wallowing in my drafts folder as I again ponder the future of this blog / site.

  • Miss not-so Independent


    The whole cause and effect thing can occasionally be a tad confusing for over-thinkers such as yours truly.

    I’ve been pondering the topic of independence, for example. I’ve talked in the past about the fact I’m loath to ask for help and tend to pride myself on this fact. (Although I do know it’s not always often a good thing!)