Life in general

Last week I started working with the lovely Michaela of Five Frogs Coaching. Before our first coaching session she had me fill in some questionnaires – predominantly about values (which is also an area of particular interest to her). My results weren’t particularly surprising in some areas (perfectionist tendencies, prone to avoidance rather than confrontation […]


I’ve talked before about the fact that my life is not as I had imagined. Growing up all I ever really wanted was a husband (love) and a family (well that plus fame and lots of money! #jokingnotjoking). Instead I’ve had some interesting work opportunities (I was briefly a diplomat; I worked in developing countries […]

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They say Comparison is the Thief of Joy. Well, as joy’s already been taken off the board… I’d say Guilt is the Thief of Happiness. Or Contentment. Or similar. I’ve often talked here about guilt. Particularly in the blog formerly known as Diet Schmiet. But my struggle with guilt is broader than my eating / […]


Like many other Twitter users I jokingly changed one of my Twitter handles to ‘Dame Debbish’ earlier this week. I was going to change another to Sir Schmiet, but it would have required me to log out and back in and that was all a bit too hard. (Who says I don’t give 100% to […]


De-crapping your life

March 24, 2014

I feel like I’m jumping on others’ bandwagons with this post… although I’m far from the best person to counsel anyone on their life, or even aspects of it. I often read articles recommending bloggers provide their readers with useful advice, so I pause to think of what important information or life lessons I have […]


My first tweets

March 22, 2014

Apparently Twitter turned eight last week, which only served to remind me how much time I’ve frittered away on Twitter since joining (back in June 2009. Apparently). Until my seachange Twitter was my fave of social networks though I was a self-confessed binge-tweeter really only using it during my commute to and from work each day. […]


Like walking in the park

March 19, 2014

For reasons completely incomprehensible to mankind, I had a bizarre trip down memory lane on the weekend. It started out innocently; I was unable to sleep and having spent some time during the day looking through my upcoming school reunion Facebook page, I pondered on the things that obsessed me 30 years ago. Back in […]


I was attempting sleep last night (aka playing on my iPad and checking out Twitter and blogs posts) when I came across someone bemoaning the fact that ‘spirituality’ had become competitive. I’d read something recently about meditation and relaxation techniques so knew exactly what the person was talking about. I believe finding what’s right or […]


A friend and I drove past my old apartment last weekend. It’s been about 18mths since I left Brisbane and I’ve only had a couple of trips back there, none of which took me anywhere near my old stomping ground. I had wondered though… what the new owners had done with my old place. A […]


Models with curves: Women

March 11, 2014

Many MANY years ago (sometime in the early-mid 1990s) I attended a fundraising event for a local hockey team which included a fashion parade. As this all took place in my small childhood hometown, the fashion parade featured actual team members. Not models. Not even wannabe models. Just normal women. Hockey players. I still remember […]


After last week’s false start, I’m again linking with Kerri Sackville to talk… My First Revelation. As it happens I actually cannot recall what this was, so naturally instead I’m sharing yet another embarrassing story from my past. Did you know that toads, during the day, turn into rocks or large stones? I have no […]


I caught up with a friend on the weekend and we were talking about the issue of melancholy (rather than depression) and the need to remind ourselves of how fortunate we are. I explained that I find it far too easy to ‘play the victim’. I get weighed down by my problems and fears (both […]


The wine tasting party

March 4, 2014

I was recently contacted by the good people at Wine Selectors to try a selection of wines they have on offer… and naturally I decided I shouldn’t insult them by refusing such a kind gesture! Wine Selectors is Australia’s largest direct marketer of wine, offering a range of red wine and white wine for delivery. […]

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