• Tomorrow I will wake with enthusiasm


    I’m writing and posting this before I have second thoughts. In case it hasn’t been obvious I’ve been struggling to put fingers to keyboard of late. I’m doing okay with my book-related blog posts, but when it comes to writing about other stuff… let’s just say I have eight half-written blog posts from the last two weeks alone. They’re about everything from my first and only time horse riding; Orientation Week at Uni almost exactly 30 years ago; to my inability to visualise myself when meditating. 

  • Taking Stock


    I finished a part-time contract gig last week. I’d been with the company for about 14-15mths and it was a decision I did not make lightly. I’m a little unsure of what will come next but unlike my departure from government over two years ago, there’s no financial buffer this time around.

    I’ve been wallowing a little this week as a result. On one hand I feel like I need a short holiday or break, but on the other I should be planning for my future. Which is all a long way of saying I’ve started half a dozen posts over the last two weeks — all of which are wallowing in my drafts folder as I again ponder the future of this blog / site.

  • Miss not-so Independent


    The whole cause and effect thing can occasionally be a tad confusing for over-thinkers such as yours truly.

    I’ve been pondering the topic of independence, for example. I’ve talked in the past about the fact I’m loath to ask for help and tend to pride myself on this fact. (Although I do know it’s not always often a good thing!)

  • Monday check-in


    It’s Monday so I’m again linking up with Sheila from Book Journey to share my weekly reading, however… I decided I’m broadening the usual post to include a bit of other stuff. I was going to start a Sunday wrap-up type post but realised the two would be similar. I figure those only interested in the book stuff can find that, and those more interested in the exciting happenings of my life, can jump to those sections. Voila! Two birds, one stone. Etcetera.

  • The 28 day makeup challenge


    I don’t wear make up. I’ve mentioned this a few times. The fact is, I can’t wear makeup. Or moisturiser. I start to sweat if I have ANYTHING on my face.

    I mean, I sweat anyway and my friends will attest to the fact that I rarely come home from outings with dry hair – which is why I kept it short for so long. The excessive sweating thing is called hyperhidrosis. Some get sweaty palms, others underarms and the like. For me, it’s my head. There’s some medication you can take, but it did little for me.

  • Get Ur Freak On


    Some time ago I shared a clip from the Like A Girl campaign. It was basically reminding us that – ‘we’ (women, men, boys and girls) aren’t born with certain perceptions or ideas. We develop them over time thanks to our families, friends and society.