Life in general

I know quite a few bloggers and avid social media users. Many of whom I’ve met in real life or just know fairly well – virtually (through their blogs and social media shares). Unlike yours truly, most are paired up and it recently occurred to me that they’re members of a one-social media-user couple. While their […]


Old dog, new tricks


I just spent an extended weekend in Brisbane, my State’s capital and before my sea change, my own hometown. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been surprised at my antipathy to visiting since my departure almost two years ago. Indeed, my only two visits in the last year have been for birthday celebrations – my (MUCH OLDER!) […]


I wrote and scheduled this post a few days ago and wondered whether to pull it in light of Robin Williams’ passing… but as someone who also knows what it’s like to find solace under the covers, I figured a laugh would do me / us good. Deborah xx I’m really trying to go Wordless […]


A new show is about to start on Oz TV called, Bringing Sexy Back. From the ads it appears to be a program which has found once attractive / slim peeps who’ve gained a heap of weight and somehow helps them lose the excess weight to again become ‘sexy’. Apparently. There are SO many things wrong […]


What’s in my bag?


A lot of bloggers have been doing the ‘What’s in my bag?’ thing. And because I had nothing else planned for today I decided to play along. Plus, what’s in my bag compared to everyone else’s is kinda surprising. Less is obviously more in my world. (Well that and I don’t have kids!) 1. My actual […]


I received an email after my recent interview appeared on Lisa’s Random Acts of Zen; an interview in which I talked about being single and my weight. And about the relationship between the two. Emily Jean is a health coach and works with women who are wanting to give up the dieting mindset and just trying to find some peace with food, […]


The lovely Lee-Anne from Is it just me? awarded me one of her lovely blog awards and invited me to share seven random things about myself. I’ve done something similar before once or twice and overshare anyway… so offering up new facts is kinda hard, but as it’s Monday I thought I’d join the LaughLinkUp gang by […]


I’ve talked before about my experiences at Fat Camp (where I lost nearly 15kg in a month). My feelings about the time are mixed. I know eating 700-900 calories a day and doing 5hrs of exercise is not even vaguely sustainable. Or healthy. But sometimes now – when I feel really desperate to do something […]


Last week this photograph appeared on my Facebook feed. Firstly I thought to myself… that doesn’t look like Robyn Lawley. Secondly I hoped the magazine used the inverted commas because they were being facetious rather than actually defining the model (as she appears in that photo) as plus-sized. Fortunately many agreed and the comments underneath […]


My niece is currently spending two weeks in the south of France at a ballet summer school. It’s been ages since I travelled and I really have no desire to do so – except when I see others’ photographs and a vague yearning inside of me is awakened. Having said that – if I’m honest […]


Extreme massage*


Long time readers of this blog will know that I often have very excellent ideas (my talking Facebook App and Famous Person Bedtime Stories App are just two examples!). Why no one ever approaches me with a chequebook in hand to patent and copyright my brainwaves I do not know… Anyhoo… today’s stroke of genius […]


US talk show host John Oliver’s “How is this still a thing?” segment recently dissed the Commonwealth Games. I know, I know…. gazillions of sports lovers all over the Commonwealth are livid. I assume. I have to admit, I’m kinda with the UK-born comedian on this one. In fact, I didn’t even know they were […]


I thought about wearing my contact lenses the other day. But it all seemed too hard. I told a friend later and she commented that she’d never known me to wear contacts. That stopped me in my tracks and made me realise how different my life is now… compared to just two years ago. Obviously the […]