• The Year of Living Dangerously


    Yesterday I tweeted wondering if I was the only person in the developed world (or at least blogging world) who hadn’t chosen a word of the year. #word

    A friend did suggest I opt for ‘sarcasm’. I can’t imagine why?!

  • The house swap with a difference


    I know the idea of a house swap conjures up images of Kate Winslett and Cameron Diaz swapping continents, houses and falling in love. So… I probably should disabuse you of that perception before we go any further.

  • Grown up priorities


    I received some money for Christmas and my birthday this year. Not hundreds and hundreds but enough that I don’t just want to blow it on groceries.

    However… now that I’m a grown-up (!!!) it occurs to me that I probably need to make boring sensible decisions when it comes to my spending.

  • Post seachange – changing for the better


    Many years ago I worked for a national football club. ‘Twas back in the day when all-things-sporting ruled my life so the job was really quite perfect for me. I was pretty young at the time (deferred from Uni) and we socialised a lot. One day the coach – a lovely guy who shared my interest in basketball – saying he admired how incredibly laid-back I always was.

  • A writing mentor?


    A few bloggers I follow have already been discussing their New Year’s Resolutions and plans for 2015. I’m not big on resolutions but I sometimes set some goals for the year. I mean naturally I commit every year to losing weight, doing more exercise, earning more money, working less, being less of a bitch and so forth. But, well… I’m talking lofty aspirational stuff. 

  • Bowel movements & other dinner party conversations


    Disclaimer: Don’t worry… I’m not about to launch into great detail about bowel movements and the like. ;-) 

    I still remember as a kid, finding it strange my great-aunt used to go on and on (and on) about her bowels moving. Or not. (And mostly not, from memory!) I was appropriately horrified – having grown up believing that one doesn’t discuss money, politics, sex or religion. And bowel movements. Well… except when they do of course.

  • Dinch. Or Lunner


    I have to say I’m a little disappointed in the great minds of our universe. While focussing on frivolous things like climate change, Ebola, how to land a comet on Kim Kardashian’s butt and the like there are some very important issues which have gone unexamined.

  • Finding my voice – NaNoWriMo


    I’m participating in NaNoWriMo as planned. And for the first time ever, I may well ‘win’ – which means I’ll reach the required 50,000 words during November. (I’m up to 39,951!)

    I love writing and I’ve talked about this several times before… but I usually struggle for ideas, so the notion of a novel has always been a bit out of my reach.