Life in general

I thought about wearing my contact lenses the other day. But it all seemed too hard. I told a friend later and she commented that she’d never known me to wear contacts. That stopped me in my tracks and made me realise how different my life is now… compared to just two years ago. Obviously the […]


Someone in the Aussie Bloggers Facebook Forum recently asked the group how to respond to a very negative comment they received on their blog. I watched for the responses with great interest. Fortunately on the whole I fly under the radar. I do – however – get the occasional unhappy reader or frustrated responder. And. […]


About change


I’m dealing with a cold or sinus pain or something at the moment – puffy eyes I’m struggling to keep open, blocked nose, cheekbones threatening to explode…. you know, the usual. It’s been hanging around off and on for about a week now so it’s getting a bit old hat. So, cos I’m feeling a tad […]


Although I no longer read my mother’s trashy magazines I *may* read one or two when at the hairdressers. Vogue Schmogue. Give me WHO Weekly. Or OK! magazine. Or similar. There’s nothing like bitching about the latest celebs and their dodgy fashion choices, too fat/thin (or both!) bodies or drunken exploits while I’m sitting in a […]


Always one to keep up with the latest news I feel compelled to defend ‘Our Cate’ against the naysayers complaining about her beach attire. A rip curl rashie, boardies and some crocs. I mean FFS… you really can’t get much more Aussie than that. I mean, sure I know Cate could have donned some rubber […]


I’m not sure what was in the water, but yesterday my Facebook feed included old school photographs shared by three (separate / unrelated) friends. I appeared in only one of these batches of photographs but seeing the others reminded me of something I always find quite strange… I can look at any school photograph from […]


My father’s arms


Last weekend I attended the funeral of a friend’s father. My brother has been best friends with *N* since their high school days over 33 years ago. (Actually my own memories of their early exploits are quite murky but exploding bottles of home-brewed ginger beer come to mind! Later of course, came college parties, Bruce […]


Why I write


Non bloggers will be bewildered. Or you know… not care at all. But bloggers will now be familiar with the blog hop thingy going around. Akin to the flu or measles. ‘Cept less debilitating. I’ve been tagged by the lovely Lee-Anne to share ‘Why I write’. It’s actually come at a good time as it forced […]


I’m working every day over the next couple of weeks. Not full days, just part days – but (although I don’t have to dress up or don work attire at all) – I’m struggling to find enough stuff to wear. My old pre-seachange clothes don’t fit and my post-seachange clothes mostly consist of soft-pants and […]


On not giving up


Back in the days I cared about sport I’d stay up half the night watching the French Open, US Open and Wimbledon tennis tournaments. Every time a player was two sets down and in the midst of a third set tie-break, commentators would note that ‘coming back to win from 2 sets down’ was rare in […]


I was worried I’d inadvertently insulted a journalist or two at the local paper on the weekend. I thought my tweet was relatively polite and made it clear that I wasn’t dissing the local paper itself… more the ‘crime’ we have on offer here on the Fraser Coast.* Don’t get me wrong, I’m relieved that […]


I’ve mentioned a zillion times that I’ve long been an avid reader. In fact, at various times in my life I’ve been somewhat addicted to the written word and tried to detox. (I know that might not make sense to some, but…) Getting access to reading fodder hasn’t always been easy however and I’ve struggled […]


I’ve written before about my habit of negative self talk and self-deprecation. I’ve even named my inner critic in an attempt to silence her. (Bloody Myra!) I’ve tried to stop. Again and again. But’s it’s hard. At least nowadays I usually recognise when I’m doing it. However, as you’ll probably know… preventing the thoughts in […]