• Book review: Shirley – a novel

    Saturday, August 30, 2014 Permalink 0

    I have to confess I hadn’t heard of American author Shirley Jackson before I read this novel, which is loosely biographical, although had heard of the movie(s) – The Haunting - based on her novel The Haunting of Hill House.

    Not a lot was revealed in the blurb about this book - so I’m not entirely sure why I requested it, other than the fact it sounded intriguing.

    But I’m really glad I did.

  • Book review: Already Dead

    Thursday, August 28, 2014 Permalink 0

    I’ve traditionally been slack when it comes to reading Australian crime fiction, mysteries or thrillers. I am – however – trying to rectify that and thankfully we have authors like Jaye Ford who make that easier. Her latest release, Already Dead  is no exception.

  • Book review: One Kick

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    I haven’t read any of Chelsea Cain’s previous novels and am relieved I started with the first in her new series… cos anyone who knows me knows I hate to miss out on the good stuff.

    One Kick introduces us to Kick Lannigan – who we first meet as ten-year old Beth living a seemingly happy life with parents Mel and Linda… that is until the FBI breaks down their door to arrest the couple as part of a child pornography ring.

  • Book review: Can You Keep a Secret?

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    I really enjoyed Caroline Overington’s last novel No Place Like Home, the first of hers I’d read. As well as an entertaining read, it provided some thought-provoking social commentary on topical issues – immigration and cultural stereotyping.

    Her latest release, Can You Keep a Secret, similarly directs our attention to a range of current concerns, such as how much of ourselves we expose online.

  • Book review: Elizabeth is Missing

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    I finished Emma Healey’s debut novel, Elizabeth is Missing a week ago and have struggled with its review ever since. Not because I wondered how to politely ‘diss’ the book; but because I loved it so much I want this review to do it justice.

    Maud Horsham is 82 years of age and although she knows there’s something she has to remember about Elizabeth, she can only remember that her friend is missing. Seemingly obsessed with Elizabeth’s disappearance Maud tries to raise her concerns with her family and even the police, but no one takes her seriously, leaving her no option but to uncover the truth for herself.

  • It’s Monday – what are you reading?

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    I’m only just starting to get serious about book blogging. I’ve always been serious about reading and fairly serious about blogging (as much as someone with a sarcastic self-deprecating bent can be!) but I’m increasingly combining the two.

    2a1It means I’ve been looking for new book review / book blogging sites to follow. I already follow about 100 sites so am trying to cull rather than add more to my Feedly reader! (Suggestions welcome!)

  • Book review: The Hidden Girl

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    Hannah’s given up a fulfilling and fast-paced career to move to the Suffolk countryside with husband Will to start a new life – and hopefully a family.

    Keen to turn the abandoned and dilapidated Tornley Manor into a welcoming home, Hannah draws up a rigid redecorating schedule; however, when Will gets stuck in the city, Hannah’s left to progress things on her own.