My passion

While stuck in a world of bureaucrats, ministerial briefing notes and project milestones I embarked on a series of writing courses.

I’d long had a passion to write, so tried everything: novel writing courses; short story workshops; and freelance writing classes.

I struggled however, to work out what it was I actually wanted to write.

I often found myself putting pen to paper, not to be read or heard, but rather to rid my mind of lingering thoughts.  This predominantly took the form of unwieldy emails or letters to unsuspecting friends and family.

And then… in 2009 my New Year’s resolution required me to put these thoughts out into the ether: ie. To write, and possibly, be heard.

So I started a blog.

Debbish V1

My posts varied from diatribes and rants about whatever was annoying me at that particular moment in time; to cathartic blitherings about the pointlessness of my life; to what-I-hoped-were witty analyses of popular culture – most commonly books, television and films.

I am single and live alone, so suspect that – other than acting as my personal therapist – blogging allows me to voice things that people might only tell their loved ones.

This blog has undergone a number of iterations since its inception – the last of which took place in early 2014 with the ‘absorption’ of my diet and weight loss blog, Diet Schmiet.

Diet Schmiet

Over the last (ahem) several decades I’ve tried my fair share of ‘diets’. Some of have worked but most haven’t. Despite the occasional success, the weight usually finds me like a lost dog returning to its recalcitrant master – usually bringing a few additional strays it picked up along the way.

I realise – with a history of disordered eating – my weight issues are mostly about my mindset; and over the years my anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating behavior have been about almost anything other than the actual food I’m consuming. As a result I’ve been trying to move towards the wanky-sounding concept of ‘intuitive’ eating while not-dieting.

The Seachange

In late 2012 I made a HUGE life change – finishing up my career with government, taking a redundancy and making a very literal seachange.

I’m now pursuing freelance writing and blogging work (on a part-time basis) while becoming a more zen and evolved person. Kinda.


Debbish is now a reflection of my new life. I’ve started reviewing books on a regular basis; am still a television addict; love to rant or theorise about all sorts of crap; and… as I’m still significantly overweight I’m working on losing weight WITHOUT making it the focus of my world.

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