Book review: Gotham by Nick Earls

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From the media release:

Five Novellas released each month from May 2016, all individual, all linked in subtle and intriguing ways…

The novella is disturbing the literary waters and I&B is stirring the ripples with Wisdom Tree: five pocket-sized, richly intelligent novellas by the internationally renowned Nick Earls.



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I was babysitting Pickle, my favourite 4yr old recently. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sucker at bedtime… always extending the agreed 2 books into 3 or 4 and perhaps a made-up story or two.

I’d already heard about that week’s daycare incident. My friend had been unhappy at the events but mentioned she had to try not to laugh when Pickle went into detail. So I should have been prepared….

Book review: Shtum by Jem Lester

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I have to admit I’m a bit nervous about reviewing this book as I’m worried I’ll offend people. I like to think I’m fairly diplomatic, but my political correctness only goes so far.

It’s not that I didn’t like this book, which is about the family of a profoundly autistic boy, because I did. It’s just that the content is kinda confronting – in a thought-provoking, sad and heartwarming way.


Book review: The One Who Got Away by Caroline Overington

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What I particularly love about Caroline Overington’s work is that she’s not afraid to tackle controversial issues – not to mention the fact that her books are contemporary and very timely.

In No Place Like Home Overington wrote about refugees and asylum seekers. And in 2014’s Can You Keep A Secret, she ventures into the virtual world and has readers pondering how much they should be sharing online and how much of what we read is true.

Her latest – The One Who Got Away – is a little different, but no less powerful.


So damn unpretty

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I’m again joining Kirsty for her ‘I must confess’ challenge and today’s question is…. Do you feel beautiful? Why, or why not?

Eek. In my current headspace this could be a very dangerous topic and as I’m also vaguely (and occasionally) doing an alphabet challenge in April, it seems fitting that today’s letter is U. And we all know U is for UGLY. 

Weekly check-in

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We’re in the midst of a long weekend here in Australia. Although –  as I don’t usually work on Mondays or Fridays – it’s kinda normal for me, but a treat for others.

I however… am in the midst of some horrible horrible chores. AND in a decaffeinated state as I’ve given up my beloved Vanilla Diet Coke. But more on that later. Firstly to my reading and reviewing.

Buyer’s remorse

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I’ve talked a bit here about the fact I’ve been contemplating putting my place on the market and moving.

It’s been a bittersweet decision as I currently live right opposite the beach with one of the best views in my seachange town.

But last week I put in an offer on another place – which wasn’t accepted – but was (nevertheless) the catalyst for me to go ahead and list my place for sale.


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My last two Friday posts have referenced an interview between Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown. As I’ve mentioned, I find both women inspiring in terms of their outlook(s) and approaches to life and creativity.

And I swear this will be the last time I mention that podcast but I couldn’t let it go without mentioning yet another point of discussion… related to martyrdom.

Book review: The One in a Million Boy by Monica Wood

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I’ve read a lot of books lately about eccentric children. I guess they could be labelled – falling somewhere on the autism disorder spectrum or similar. But I kinda like that they aren’t. And the one in a million boy is one such boy. Friendless, he collects facts. Mostly in sets of ten. And his go-to point of reference is the Guinness Book of Records.