Being all judgy judgy

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 Permalink

I have a confession. Yes… another. But I suspect I’m not alone in this one although it may sadly see me fall in your estimation a little. Umm… again.

I’m *ahem* prone to be a bit judgemental sometimes. And not in a ‘that person is a psychopath and best be avoided’ way.

Centre parts: naff or not?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Permalink

You know I like to tackle the hard questions here on my blog. And I share insightful analyses into important and topical issues. Like world peace and stuff.

And by stuff, I mean hairstyles. Or more specifically ‘where one parts their hair’.

It’s Monday. What am I reading?

Monday, September 29, 2014 Permalink

You’ll be pleased to know I’m finally over the flu. And I apologise for being such a misery-guts for the two-three weeks I was plagued by that dreaded lurgy.

You’d think, given I was again well, I’d have raced through a million books last week. But… I didn’t as it happens. I had a couple of nights off – binge watching the TV show True Detective and catching up on taped-TV. It also took a little longer than expected (ie. 3 nights) to get through Peter Carey’s Amnesia.

Book review: You

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 Permalink

The back cover blurb of You by Caroline Kepnes tells us this is a novel about love and obsession. Though – in case you’re wondering – it’s mostly about obsession, with a bit of stalking thrown in for good measure.

One day, like any other, Joe Goldberg is minding his own business in the book shop he manages when Guinevere Beck enters his life to buy some books. He’s funny and flirty. She’s funny and flirty. And Joe decides that Beck (as she prefers to be known) is obviously in love with him and they’re destined to be together.

The 2-space rule

Monday, September 22, 2014 Permalink

I’m not supposed to be writing this. In fact, I need to download that software which forbids you from going online or opening other programs when you’re supposed to be focussing on something else.

However… I’m writing something and – as one does – cutting an pasting from an old document. And I noticed the thing I’m cutting and pasting from is very old as I’ve left TWO spaces after the end of each sentence.

Book review: None So Blind

Sunday, September 21, 2014 Permalink

I have to admit I’m a bit nervous when I start to read a book by an author who’s midway through a series. I either suffer from ‘WTF is happening?’ syndrome’; there are big reveals from previous novels rendering them redundant; OR they’re really crap (which is why I haven’t stumbled across the author previously) and I haven’t missed out on anything.

I hadn’t read any of Barbara Fradkin’s novels before and hadn’t even heard of the Canadian with more than a dozen novels under her belt. So it was with some trepidation I opened her latest Inspector Green novel, None So Blind.