Book review: Broken Promise by Linwood Barclay

Monday, July 27, 2015 Permalink

After starting a few series part-way through (some more successfully than others), I’m excited to have been able to read the first in a new series. Of course I hadn’t realised that when I requested Broken Promise. I love Linwood Barclay and the plot sounded interesting so it wasn’t until it arrived and I checked Goodreads, I discovered it referred to as Promise Falls #1.

And what a fabulous first-in-a-series it is! Like David Baldacci’s (recent) Memory Man, I enjoyed this so much I’m eagerly awaiting more in the series.

Weekly check-in

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It’s been an unusual week for me as I’m getting used to some additional commitments and attempting to develop some new routines. #Spoileralert… I’m failing badly so can really only improve!

Book review: Heartbreaker by Tania Carver

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I’ve had some bad experiences lately when picking books up part-way through a series. I’ve written about the sequel dilemma before… new readers are either completely befuddled about who’s who, or they’re provided so much backstory there’s no need to read any earlier books in the series.

I noted Goodreads labelled this Brennan & Esposito #7… so I was kinda worried.

But I need not have been.

An apartment makeover?

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Unless you live under a rock beneath a mountain in the middle of nowhere you’ll know I live opposite the beach. Of course… if this is your first time here, your ignorance is forgivable… although I do recommend you swot up for next time. ‘Cos at various times since making my seachange almost three years ago I’ve plastered pictures of my lovely unimpeded ocean view on this blog and all over my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds.

my view

Weekly check in

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To say this week’s been a strange one would be an understatement. After raving about starting my new productivity plan (ie. working in 52min blocks) it mostly went out of the window. But more on that later.

Falling into place

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Although part of me is nervous about speaking too soon, I’m relieved to say that things seem to be finally falling into place.

I’ve talked a bit here about my experiences since finishing full time work with the government (three years ago in September) and making my seachange. I have absolutely no regrets about my decision but it’s been a lot harder than I expected to find work.

Book review: The Melody Lingers On by Mary Higgins Clark

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I’ve long been a Mary Higgins Clark fan. Indeed – my love of her work dates back to the early 1990s when her novels seemed different and quite cutting-edge. Before heading into the bath with the book I joked on Facebook about reading MHC, saying I’d be revisiting Barbara Taylor Bradford next. Of course it wasn’t until I really thought back to my reading habits of the 1990s I remembered that it was (in fact) a time I discovered Joy Fielding, Elizabeth George, Martha Grimes, Patricia Cornwell and of course MHC.

Book review: Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee

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I read To Kill A Mockingbird because I had to. It was part of our high school syllabus and (interestingly) one of the few books we had to read that I actually read. I’ve read it since, but not recently. And while it remains a beautifully-written portrayal of a terrible time in history and a reminder of my teenage years, I was in no hurry to read Harper Lee’s much-awaited sequel.

Author interview – A Time to Run by JM Peace

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Because I’m sure you all commit my posts to heart, I’m sure you’ll remember that last week I reviewed the debut suspense novel, A Time To Run, by Queensland police officer JM Peace. Obviously because she’s still out there catching baddies in her day job, we can’t show you her face, but I can share with you this probing interview to which she succumbed. (And yes, she waived her right to have an attorney present!) 😉