The dreaded D word

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Two weeks before my father passed away his doctor took us aside to render his verdict. And to give us some options. Dad had been in hospital for nearly a month by then. Initially for something, then something else. It really all boiled down to the sudden discovery his body was riddled with cancer – exacerbated by drugs he was taking following his heart transplant almost 11 years earlier.

The Gatecrashers

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mumDon’t let that sweet innocent face fool you… this woman is a feisty one. Outwardly… a church-going, crossword-loving 70 year old. But – in reality – she’s a closet party animal.

It’s Monday. What am I reading?

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My self-imposed reading ban continued throughout last week.

I’d told myself I had to get the read-but-not-reviewed list down before I was allowed to read anything. Naturally I rebelled last Monday (yes, on night 1!) and inhaled Favel Parrett’s When the Night Comes  in one sitting. But after that I was sufficiently self-chastened to refrain from any reading. Mostly. 

Book review: When The Night Comes

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I’m very late to the Favel Parrett party. In fact, this book had been out two months before I finally requested a copy. Everyone had been so effusive in their praise I think I worried that I’d struggle and have that sense of shame you feel when you’re unable to appreciate true beauty.

My life that was

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I’ve had 2 recurring dreams for much of the last two decades (about losing teeth and giant contact lenses). A third was added several years ago (missing the bus / occasionally the train). However I’ve been regularly having a variation on a dream which is becoming pesky in its stubbornness.

Essentially this dream is about my old life. More specifically – my old working life. 

Book review: The Twilight Hour

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Eleanor is trying to destroy some old papers when the alm0st-blind 92 year old sets her living room alight. Fortunately a neighbour puts the fire out and Eleanor’s only left with some damage to her pride and singed eyebrows.

After years of trying to persuade their mother to move, this latest incident gives Eleanor’s well-meaning children the fodder they need and they issue an ultimatum: she must move into a home or live with one of them.

ABB link-up: Book blogging – managing the process

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The third Aussie Book Bloggers’ Link-up 

I’ve talked ad nauseam about my love of reading. Most weeks I read 3-4 books, depending what I have on. I only read at night and only in the bath. (Yes, weird I know!)

I also love writing, so book blogging is kinda perfect.

But occasionally I get behind in the reviewing process. And before I know it I’m having to force myself to not-read until I catch up on reviewing. Which has been happening of late. A lot!