January 2012



And no, I’m not channelling Edina Monsoon here (for those who are familiar with the BBC series Absolutely Fabulous and Eddy’s habit of adopting a new religion every time it proved convenient or took her fancy). And I’m obviously not dissing Buddhism or any other religion, being the non-controversial, non-judgemental, fence-sitting blogger that I am. Rather, the […]


Today I bring you the third and final guest post in my series. You may have noticed that I have taken the opportunity to share with you, some of the inner-workings of Schmiet’s mind. She’s currently a bit gun-shy and fears she’s been over-sharing, so I’ve taken the initiative and thought that I’d try to […]


Today I feature the second guest post by Myra (aka my inner critic; or as I like to call her… my resident mind-bitch). I’ve asked her, however, to write as an independent observer on this particular topic… rather than the manipulative cow she most-often is. I’ve noticed that Schmiet’s been thinking more and more about […]


Guest post I: Myra




I have a terrible habit of going off-track when I am writing a blog post. Usually I’ll have thought of some (obviously amazing!) topic and as I start writing I’m struck by all of these other (obviously equally amazing) ideas and find myself going off on a tangent. If I’m really strict, I hive off the […]


In my last blog post I talked about my reaction to a weigh-in that didn’t go as planned. I’d written most of the post before the end of the week and it was upbeat and positive as I was happy with my food intake and exercise. But, when that didn’t translate into weight loss I […]


Just flesh and bone


Two weeks into my renewed weight loss efforts and things are still going swimmingly. And I must confess I find it quite perplexing… that one minute I’m behaving so dastardly (eating everything in sight, thousands and thousands of calories in a day and unable to refrain from partaking in the odd caramello koala or 12); […]


Tiggy* Oz style


Note… this blog post actually came from my diet blog. But… as I’m quite not ready to share that life with the world at large, I thought I’d cross-post – with a few amendments (ie. who tagged me, who I tagged, my questions etc, which have all been deleted. I hope!) Oh dear… I’ve been […]

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Oh dear… I’ve been tagged. And not in a tagged-and-set-free-into-the-wild kind of way, rather in a way almost akin to a chain letter. Oh, except there are no promises of love, fame or fortune for responding. But then again, butterflies will not die and bad luck will not ensue if I fail in my task. […]


I supposedly did a year-long writing course in 2010. I say supposedly because it was an online course and our tutor seriously dropped the ball about seven months into the program and a couple of months passed without us hearing a thing. When she eventually returned we all found it hard to re-engage and interest […]


Just before Christmas I had a consultation with exercise physiologist and fellow blogger Liz, from Last Chance Training. I’d been tweeting and blogging about my sore back, hip and hip flexors and was keen to get to the ‘bottom’ of the problem (God, I’m so hilarious!)… so the appointment with Liz was just what I […]


Hairy business


I had a hair appointment on the weekend. At 8am. Yes, it’s true and I have no idea why on earth I made an appointment for 8am on a Saturday, I mean, WTF was I thinking?! Nevertheless I made it there on time (unlike their other 8am client. I know, I know… no need to boast […]


Unexpected benefits


A blogger I follow raised an interesting point in a post before Christmas – something we don’t often talk about. And she wondered why. After pondering on it for oh, at least a few seconds, I realised that I never talk about it or write about it either. And I talk and write about almost […]