July 2011

Stepping it up


When I first decided to do this program I had to contemplate my exercise options. I knew I couldn’t rely on a friend to walk with me 3 times a week in order to do my cardio exercise… so I decided to hire an exercise bike. And I wrote about my plans to embark on an […]


Binge Eating  (8/365)


Finding comfort


On Sunday I went to boot camp at the ungodly hour of 7am. WTF was I thinking? Yes, I know. However… the good thing about getting up early to exercise is that it’s over and done with before most people are tentatively poking their big toe out from under the doona;  and one has the rest of the day to […]


Time to check in


Blogging about self-love over the past 30 days has meant that I haven’t had a chance to do a bit of a check-in to see how I’m going. At the end of week 4, back in mid June I reflected on the goals I’d set for my first month on this 12 week body transformation […]


Here we are. At the end. It really doesn’t feel like it was 30 days ago that I embarked on this blogging challenge, started by Tina late last year. And quite aptly, the final topic forces me to consider my ‘worth’ by revisiting all 29 topics which have come before. I long for us all to […]

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Sadly I suspect today’s topic isn’t meant to be about sex. So, sorry anyone who tuned in expecting something hot and steamy; or something about a intense and moody widowed millionaire farmer with awkward sideburns and the young beautiful headstrong and intelligent yet virginal nanny who comes to look after his 5yr old child. From […]



It’s Saturday here in Oz and that means I didn’t have to write my post the night before, for a change. Although… as I spent a few hours at the pub with a work friend and indulged in 4 glasses of champagne, it could have been more interesting. (Though possibly laden with far more typos […]

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So this is it… The final Gifts of the body post. And you thought I’d run out of body parts…. Of course not. I told you I was saving my spleen for last. I’ve already expressed my appreciation for the obvious bits and pieces: Gifts of the body #1: heart, mind and lungs Gifts of […]

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Amazingly today’s ’30 days of self-love’ topic, Rest, falls on my normal rest day. Is that kismet or what?! (The fact that I went to pilates this morning – instead of yesterday, thereby resulting in today NOT being a rest day - is obviously beside the point and ruins a good story!)  On my weight-loss program we have […]


I like to think that I try new things all of the time. I am currently working in an organisation which has undergone much change in recent times. Many staffers are finding that challenging which is something I don’t understand. Over the past decade or two I’ve changed jobs (constantly), professions (several times) and lived in a […]



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