March 2010

Yes I Can, Can, Can


The school’s website described burlesque as “Kylie’s Showgirl tour fused some Moulin Rouge sassy!”

I signed on before I really knew what I was getting into. So, it could have been disastrous. In fact, it has actually been quite fun.


In Death…


A few years ago I borrowed a book by JD Robb. Though (obviously) by no means a literary snob, I might have bypassed the book had I realised it was written by an author better known for romance than murder and mayhem.

But, as it happened, I was entranced and literally ploughed through all existing ‘In Death’ novels over subsequent months.

I have read all 30 novels now, and re-read many. So what is it, I wonder, that I find so endearing and addictive about this series?