Making it about how I feel, not how I look

Thursday, October 30, 2014 Permalink

I’m fatter than ever. At least I think I am. I certainly feel it. Part of me wants to lock myself away and wallow in self loathing. At least I feel like I should. However the fact I’m not indulging in self-flagellation reminds me of how far I’ve come – body image (self-acceptance) wise. Although I may just be in denial… ;-)

Book review: Sweet Damage

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 Permalink

I’ve previously admitted to my antipathy towards Australian authors (#longstory) but am really glad I’m venturing out of my comfort zone to try more and more as I’m discovering some fabulous talent and delightful characters with whom to while away my evenings.

Famous doppelgangers

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A visiting girlfriend and I were recently watching an old episode of Cold Case  when we both realised we’d seen one of the actors in something since the demise of the show. After some pondering we worked it out. We congratulated each other on our most-excellent skills of deduction and laser-sharp memories, but… as we sobered up we both realised we may have been wr-wr-wrong. He just didn’t look quite right. 

It’s Monday. What am I reading?

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A new week is already upon us, so time to check-in and share what I’ve been up to and what I plan to read this week. There’s just under a week until I start NaNoWriMo and I’m yet to decide whether I take a break from blogging in November and just publish scheduled posts (reviews) or whether I go with the flow. You know… #whatevs. I suspect it’ll be the latter. Me being me.

Book review: The Killer Next Door

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As The Killer Next Door  opens we meet Cheryl (Cher), being interviewed by detectives about a spate of murders involving someone associated with her apartment complex.

The detectives are taking it easy on runaway Cher who – although worldly for her young age – seems pretty slow on the uptake.

The dreaded D word

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Two weeks before my father passed away his doctor took us aside to render his verdict. And to give us some options. Dad had been in hospital for nearly a month by then. Initially for something, then something else. It really all boiled down to the sudden discovery his body was riddled with cancer – exacerbated by drugs he was taking following his heart transplant almost 11 years earlier.

The Gatecrashers

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mumDon’t let that sweet innocent face fool you… this woman is a feisty one. Outwardly… a church-going, crossword-loving 70 year old. But – in reality – she’s a closet party animal.