Book review: If She Did It by Jessica Treadway


We meet Hanna Schutt three years after she was bludgeoned with a croquet club and left for dead. Her husband Joe was less fortunate, dying of his injuries before a friend discovered their beaten and bleeding bodies.

No one expected Hanna to live, so her ‘dying declaration’, which indicated the involvement of her daughter’s boyfriend Rud Petty, sent him to prison for his actions. Many—including Hanna’s other daughter Iris, the police and prosecutor—also believed Dawn to be involved… to some extent. But, although Dawn sided with her boyfriend against her family (maintaining his innocence throughout his trial), Hanna didn’t believe her daughter capable of such an atrocity. And when Dawn’s flatmate alibis her, Rud alone faced punishment.

Book review: Claiming Noah by Amanda Ortlepp


I don’t talk a lot (here) about my foray into fertility treatment, IVF and the like. I have close friends who have also gone through prolonged and rigorous procedures. Some with happy endings and some (like yours truly), not so happily-ever-after. I know therefore it is a subject fraught with emotion. Sanity is sometimes swept aside without us realising.

It’s brave then, that former marketing professional Amanda Ortlepp delves into the tricky and fertile (sorry!!!) world of embryo adoption in her debut novel, Claiming Noah.

Taking Stock


I finished a part-time contract gig last week. I’d been with the company for about 14-15mths and it was a decision I did not make lightly. I’m a little unsure of what will come next but unlike my departure from government over two years ago, there’s no financial buffer this time around.

I’ve been wallowing a little this week as a result. On one hand I feel like I need a short holiday or break, but on the other I should be planning for my future. Which is all a long way of saying I’ve started half a dozen posts over the last two weeks — all of which are wallowing in my drafts folder as I again ponder the future of this blog / site.

Monday check-in


You’ll be relieved I hear I’ve survived the reign of terror unleashed upon my neck of the woods last week to again participate in Sheila’s Monday check in.

Ad yes I am being facetious, but as well as the earthquake (I wrote about in last week’s post), we were faced with a treacherous cyclone. Named after a Brady Buncher. But, first things first…. my reading check in.

Book review: Snowy River Man by Lizzy Chandler


Elizabeth Lhuede’s a writer, book blogger and big supporter of other authors and the book blogging community in Australia, so I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone to read her alter-ego’s first book — Snowy River Man.

I think there’s a term for the genre – outback or rural romance, perhaps? Either way it’s quite a distance from my usual suspense / thriller / crime novels, but one I successfully and enjoyably traversed nonetheless.

Book review: The Farm by Tom Rob Smith


Daniel hasn’t seen his parents since they retired from the UK to Sweden. An only child, Daniel’s childhood was a harmonious one with his supportive and hard-working parents, so — in the absence of any extended family — the three have remained close.