Book review: Hidden Killers by Lynda LaPlante

Friday, October 28, 2016 Permalink

One of my top six books last year was Tennison by Lynda LaPlante. As a fan of the (ahem) older Jane Tennison via LaPlante’s Prime Suspect series I loved that she’d leapt back in time, allowing us to meet a young Jane and giving us the opportunity to understand how the popular character of the 1990s became so resilient… not to mention a bit of a hard-arse.

Happily LaPlante is now offering up another episode in the life of young Jane – with her passion for justice and occasional disdain for authority – as she continues to doggedly pursue the baddies.


Speaking with authority

Thursday, October 27, 2016 Permalink

There have been a few small events in my neck of the woods lately involving life and business coaches. And various other gurus. Some have tempted me. Others haven’t. One thing I’ve noticed however is the growing array of people offering wellbeing courses of some sort.

Book review: Sapphire Falls by Fleur McDonald

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Dare I admit that I think this is my first Fleur McDonald book? (And on that note can we have a round of applause for my recent spate of courage – in terms of reading outside my genre. Or at least thinking I’m about to.)

I’ve mentioned many times that I avoid romance novels… particularly rural romance the like and I suspect the cover of other books by McDonald might have led me to believe I was about to swagger bow-legged down that path. But perhaps I never read the blurbs, as her latest most certainly sounds like my reading bread and butter.


Two months until Christmas

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I’m again joining Denyse for her Life This Week linkup and today she’s asked us to consider the fact there are two months until Christmas.

Bah humbug! On that note. I’m not a big fan of Christmas, though this year I think it’ll just be my mother and I… which is entirely doable. My mum loves the crap that comes with the silly season – cards, decorations, presents and so forth; but (thankfully) is easily dissuaded from overly formal lunches and the like.

Weekly check-in

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I’m posting my weekly check-in a little early this week. And I swear it’s not because I can’t be bothered writing something ‘else’ for today. I swear. *Crosses fingers behind back*

It’s been a kinda challenging week this week and time seems to have conspired against me. In fact my mood was such that on a couple of days I hated everything and everyone. Sorry ’bout that. (I’m pretty sure I’ve forgiven you now.)

Book review: The Wrong Side of Goodbye by Michael Connelly

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Bosch is back. And that’s cause for celebration, surely?

I really enjoyed this last instalment in the long-running Hieronymus (Harry) Bosch series. I have kinda been enjoying Harry playing PI rather than having to deal with the rigours (ie. boundaries) of the police service. I think my enjoyment has increased as I also picture Titus Welliver – who plays Bosch in the TV series – in the role. I’m normally not very visual but now I have an image of him in my little mind it makes our outings even more enjoyable.


Book review: IQ by Joe Ide

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As I first started to read this book by Joe Ide it occurred to me that I don’t seem to read a lot of books with African American lead characters – particularly in my beloved crime fiction / thriller / suspense genre. And then I remembered James Patterson’s Alex Cross and Jeffery Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme. So… there are some. But not many. In my world anyway… where I mostly stick to the bigger publishers and mainstream fiction.

Isaiah Quintabe is something different though, and I was reminded of the work of Raymond Chandler and my love for Robert B Parker’s Spenser series. Needless to say I adored the sassy and smart Isaiah – better known to those who need him as IQ.


Why I didn’t blog: a vlog about wallowing

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I’m not even sure people still say vlog, but here it is… a video about why I didn’t blog today, when I was supposed to. It’s filmed post bed wallow with scary hair, sans makeup and on my iPhone… but in happier news, it’s less than THREE minutes long!

Weekly check-in

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I’m in the midst of a couple of busy work weeks, so it hasn’t felt like I’ve had time to think about much other than my day job… however, my continued early mornings mean I’m getting 60-90mins of stuff done at my desk at home before going into work – something I’m really enjoying and appreciating.